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  The University of Bilkent is a progressive university functioning in accordance with American principles.

  Turkey is a country with a rich culture and history, which, in addition to a pleasant climate and first-class resorts, can offer foreigners a higher education of European level. Up to date, Turkey has a number of rating universities recognized in the international arena, and one of such universities is Bilkent University.

  This university is a private university and is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious and authoritative higher educational institutions of the country. Bilkent University is a private structure, therefore, training at this university is carried out on a fee basis. The territory of the university occupies more than five hundred hectares, which housed nine faculties, offering entrants more than two thousand educational courses.

  Foreign professors work as teachers at the university, and studies are conducted in English. The infrastructure of the university is very developed, and includes an innovative technology park, a modern campus, several thousand fully equipped computer labs and classes, an extensive library and many interactive interest groups. Also, a significant advantage of the university is cooperation with many companies that provide Bilkent students with an employment opportunity.

  Having started training in the walls of Bilkent, you become a student of one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

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2017-2018 Academic Year Fall Semester regular applications ended on 3 July 2017. Late applications will end on 21 July 2017:

Bilkent University accepts international qualifications listed below and a wide range of national qualifications listed here for study in our undergraduate programs.

- Reasoning Test: A minimum score of 900 out of 1600 in “Math” and “Critical Reading” sections.
- Subject Test: A minimum score of 500 out of 800 from mimimum two sections related to the applied program.

GCE Advanced Level (General Certificate Education),
Cambridge International A Level:

Minimum three A level subjects in particular area of the applied program with at least “C” grade.
For 5 (five) subjects:
a) 2 (two) A levels + 3 (three) O levels
b) 2 (two) A levels + 1 (one) AS level + 2 (two) O levels
For 4 (four) subjects:
a) 3 (three) A levels + 1 (one) O level

International Baccalaureate
A minimum diploma score of 28 out of 45. Mimimum one HL subject related to the applied program.

International Science Olympiads:
Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal holders in International Science Olympiads recognized by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and  Technical Research Council of Turkey)

Students who are admitted to the University will be asked to provide the original copies of all the documents submitted with their application. Bilkent University reserves the right to verify the validity of exam scores.
The tuition fee for the 2017-2018 academic year (8% VAT is included):
– Admitted before 2016 is 13,950 USD
– Admitted in or after 2016 is 14,500 USD

The tuition fee can be paid in two equal installments by the due dates before the Fall and Spring semesters.

International tuition fees can be paid in Turkish Lira (TL) only within Turkey. If international students prefer to pay the tuition amount in Turkish Lira instead of USD, the USD effective exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey on date of payment will be used to calculate the TL amount.

Students may also wire transfer the tuition fee from their home country to the bank account.


Communication and Design
Fine Arts
Graphic Design
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
International Relations
Political Science and Public Administration
Computer Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering
American Culture and Literature
English Language and Literature
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Faculty of music and performing arts
Computer Technology and Information Systems
Tourism and Hotel Management

How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill in the Application Form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach your documents;

STEP 2. After Applying the documents, on the specified e-mail you will receive a login and password for access to Your Personal Account;

STEP 3. In Your Personal Account, our consultants will answer to all your questions and check your documents;

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for Study Visa;

STEP 5. After getting the visa, we will arrange an airport pick up and complete your university admission.

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