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   FDSTUDY.COM is an online service created by FD Education to facilitate the filing of documents and assistance with admission to the desired university abroad.

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 - Tunisia: +216 25 829 684

 - Ukraine: +380 50 681 91 39 WhatsApp
 - Turkey: +90 538 688 30 17 WhatsApp

 - Azerbaijan: +994 50 208 05 72 WhatsApp

    What are the advantages of submitting documents on the site
- We have developed a convenient form for filing documents. You choose a university, get acquainted with the description, faculties, the list of documents, fill out the form and submit documents.

- Everyone has a lot of questions. Unlike the submission of documents on the university's website, a personal account is formed for each incoming person with a chat for correspondence with the consultant. You get answers to all your questions and support before and after the receipt.

- Documents are processed faster. Universities do not accept documents with errors, or not filled applications. Our employees will help to properly submit documents in order to receive an invitation to study at the university as soon as possible.

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