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Official name: Republic of Azerbaijan
Capital: Baku
Official language: Azerbaijani
Area: 86.6 thousand km², occupies the 112th place in the world
Population: 9.9 million people
Density: 113 people / km²
Neighboring countries: Russia, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Georgia
Currency: Manat, AZN
Phone code: (+994)
Internet domains: .az

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  Education in Azerbaijan

  As the final exams approach, prospective applicants are increasingly thinking about choosing a university in which they will learn the basics of their profession. In recent years, the popularity of such an educational area as study in Azerbaijan has been growing rapidly. The educational system of this country was reformed according to the European principle, so now Azerbaijan is an excellent opportunity to obtain a European-style diploma at a fairly low cost.

  In order to become a student of an Azerbaijani university, you must have a document on completed high-school education. Studies in Azerbaijan are conducted in such languages as Azerbaijani, Russian and English. Nevertheless, the study of the Azerbaijani language in universities is compulsory, so even if you chose an educational program in Russian or English, be prepared also to study in addition the state language of the country.

  Since Azerbaijani universities are participants of the Bologna process, here you can get such academic degrees as a bachelor, master, candidate or doctor of science.

  Key advantages of higher education in Azerbaijan
  Among the main advantages of training in Azerbaijan can be identified:
• Low cost of study. Compared with other countries, in Azerbaijan you can get higher education at a very democratic price. Diplomas of Azerbaijani universities are recognized throughout Europe, so if you want to work abroad, you do not have to confirm the document on higher education in European countries.

• To enter the Azerbaijan University, applicants do not need to come to the country, today it is enough to send a package of necessary documentation by e-mail. In order to obtain a study visa in Azerbaijan, you only need to provide an official invitation from the university, in which you plan to receive a diploma.

• Azerbaijani universities offer students comfortable and modern campuses, modernized scientific laboratories and computer classes equipped with innovative equipment, in short, a huge number of opportunities for obtaining high-quality profile education. Such a comfortable environment allows students to concentrate as much as possible on the educational process.

• Education in this country is possible in Russian, however, you still have to learn Azerbaijani directly while studying. The knowledge of an additional foreign language will significantly increase your chances of finding a job.

• Success at the university is a very important indicator, because it determines the prospect of receiving a scholarship. The most successful foreign students can apply for a presidential scholarship, which can fully cover the cost of living in Azerbaijan.

  Azerbaijan is an excellent and promising choice for higher education. This is one of the few countries where you can get a European-style diploma with minimal financial resources. Become a part of the student community in Azerbaijan, laying a solid foundation for your successful professional future!


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