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  Education in Poland

  Recently, a growing number of young people are willing to work and build a professional career abroad, in view of the favourable socio-economic factors. One of the most popular and relevant educational destinations is Poland. Such a reputation is fully justified, in fact, along with the low cost of studying, at the choice of the student a lot of programs in English are offered here, and the diplomas of Polish universities are quoted all over the world.

  Higher education in Poland is built on the principles of the Bologna system. Thus, the student can be trained in such educational programs as bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies. Accordingly, the first program lasts four years, the second - from two to three years, and the third can last as three, and four years, after the student received a master's diploma.

  As mentioned above, training in Poland is possible, both in Polish and in English. If an English-language program is chosen, the student will receive two diplomas of the Polish and British samples at the end of the studies. But training in English is paid, while choosing a Polish language has the opportunity to learn on a free basis. The most prestigious and rating universities in Poland are the Warsaw State University, the Jagiellonian State University in Krakow and the Leon Kozminsky Academy in Warsaw.

  The advantages of education in Poland:
  Having decided to become a student of a Polish university, you will be able to experience a lot of advantages of studying in Poland. Below we list the main advantages of Polish higher education:

1.The close mentality of the Polish population. Given the fact that Poland is a territorially close country to the CIS countries, our cultures are quite similar. This allows foreign students to quickly adapt to the mode and way of life in another country, which affect the quality and productivity of training. The Polish language is part of the Slavic language group, so this country has a very small language barrier, which will allow foreign students to easily communicate with the Poles.
2.Low cost of education. Poland is one of the cheapest European countries, so in addition to the low cost of higher education, there are very low costs in all spheres of life. This allows foreign students to live and study fully, without compromising on finances. Also in many universities, there are special scholarship and grant programs, which involve granting scholarships to students with high academic achievement.
3.A simple process of entrance and receiving a Polish student visa. To enroll in Polish universities, compulsory is the availability of a document on full high-school instruction. In turn, the student visa will allow you to travel without hindrance to all countries of the Schengen area.

  Poland, as a country of higher education, is an excellent opportunity to get a bachelor's or master's degree of European sample, which will allow you to easily find a job in well-known companies and organizations in any part of the world.


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