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Vistula University

  Today in the walls of the University of Vistula students from more than forty foreign countries.

  Among all the variety of Polish universities, we recommend that you pay attention to the Vistula University. This is one of the first private universities in the country, and now it occupies the leading positions of national ratings.

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Vistula University

Every year Poland is becoming more and more popular among foreign applicants.If you are interested in obtaining economic education, then the Academy of Finance and Business of Vistula will be a great chance to realize your professional aspirations and achieve your career goals. The policy of this university is aimed at attracting foreign students, so there are many educational programs developed in English, which are rightly considered to be among the best in the whole country.

The university is located in the center of Warsaw, and in addition to the academic building, the university structure includes a modernized and comfortable campus with computer classes, scientific laboratories, spacious lecture rooms, a library, and a gym. The University closely cooperates with many known both Polish and foreign organizations, which allows graduates of Vistula to easily find employment at the end of the university.

Higher education at the University of Vistula, the price of which is relatively low compared to other European universities of higher education, will give you the opportunity to get a professional profile training of first-class quality!

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