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Official name: Turkish Republic
Founded: October 29, 1923
Capital: Ankara
Official language: Turkish
Area: 783,562 km², occupies the 39th place in the world
Population: 79,463,683 people
Density: 97 people / km²
The highest point: Ararat, 5165 m
Currency: Turkish lira, TRY
Phone code: (+90)
Internet domains: .Tr

Education in Turkey: +90 538 688 30 17 (WhatsApp)

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  Education in Turkey

  Cases when Turkey is viewed not just as a summer holiday destination but also as a country for higher education is no longer a rarity. It took only a few decades for this country to completely reform its educational system and create a fertile ground for the emergence of new progressive universities that today occupy the leading positions of world ratings.

  Features of Higher Education in Turkey:
 The Turkish system of higher education is based on the principles of the Bologna Process. The academic year schedule for the academic year is divided into two semesters, including the winter holidays. In Turkey, you can get higher education in the following scientific degrees:

• Bachelor (a study program for a period of 4 years);
• Master (two-year study program);
• Doctor of Science (training can last from two to four years).

  The most popular educational destinations among foreigners include business, tourism, marketing and commerce, international relations, as well as computer technology.

  In order to become a student of a Turkish university, you need to get a full secondary education. In most cases, applicants must pass an entrance examination consisting of a test of knowledge of the exact sciences and the Turkish language. If you choose the curriculum in English, then the knowledge of the Turkish language is not mandatory, although it is the study in Turkish is the most budgetary. It should be noted that many higher institutions in Turkey offer training programs in several foreign languages: German, English and French.

  The advantages of studying in Turkey for foreigners:
  Turkey, as an educational country, has a lot of advantages for foreign applicants. As of 2018, Turkey has more than fifty thousand students from other countries. This shows the high attractiveness of Turkey as an educational springboard in the professional future. Eleven Turkish universities include an international ranking of the world's top universities, and, accordingly, offer education of European and British quality at very economical prices. The universities of Turkey care about foreign students, that's why universities provide comfortable campuses with developed infrastructure and 24-hour Internet. It should be noted a large number of educational programs, with the participation of other British and European universities, which involve a close collaboration and exchange of students.  Also important is the fact that advanced Turkish universities cooperate with various national and foreign organizations and companies that offer students profitable internship programs and internships, as a result of which the student can find potential employers during his studies.

  If your choice has stopped on getting a higher education in Turkey, you can be sure that you will get acquainted not only with a beautiful country, but also get a profile training first-class level at an affordable cost.



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