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Benefits of Study Abroad

Benefits of Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most beneficial experiences for a student. By studying abroad, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and enjoy the appeal and culture of a new land. It may be a high priority for some, and for others it is a real challenge. Like everything else, it has many advantages and many disadvantages too.   However, the value of the advantages of the student studying abroad and the reflected academic, cultural, educational and career development cannot in any way be compared to some of the negative aspects that can be exposed to it, which often have effective solutions.   Here is a list of the top 5 reasons for you to study abroad:

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 Dual Diploma Terms

Dual Diploma Terms

The length of MA and MSc is about 4 Semesters, and students are obliged to study for two. semesters at the University of Tabriz and two semesters at the Near East University. In special cases and with the ratification from related committee’s duration of the study period can be extended up to twelve months. The length of PhD is about 3-4 years, half will be done in University of Tabriz and the rest in the Near East University. All courses and thesis of students will be in English Language and be supervised by Professors of both sides.Degree The graduates will receive joint Master and PhD Degrees from two Universities.TABRIZ UNIVERSITYRequirements for applications to postgraduate

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Bilkent University

Bilkent University

The Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings report for 2017-18  lists Bilkent as Turkey’s highest-ranked university. In the report, Bilkent is placed in the group of universities ranked 421-430. Four other Turkish universities join Bilkent in the top 500: Koç University (in the group ranked 431-440), Sabancı University (in the group ranked 461-470), Middle East Technical University (in the group ranked 471-480), and Boğaziçi University (in the group ranked 491-500).Overall, this year’s QS report ranks the Massachusetts Institute of Technology first, Stanford University second, Harvard University third, California Institute of Technology first, Stanford University second, Harvard ...

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Startup X.GLU

Startup X.GLU

Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Marek Novák, Tomas Pikous and Barbora Suchanova are developing.Thanks to their solution, the students achieved worldwide victory at the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup in Redmond on July 27th. This brings $ 250,000 worth of prizes. More than 50 projects have advanced to the finals of the competition from national competitions. Startup X.GLU, founded in May 2016, works with smart phones. It immediately informs the parent of the child about the measured values, also informing about the child's position. In case of complications, parents can intervene immediately. Read more ... go to the page ... news ... education ...

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Study Abroad

joining the study abroad programs will give the opportunity to experience the world around you rather watching it from your computer or phone, you can now live it your own and the way you want it.

We all know that the main reason of going abroad is to finish education but this step will give the opportunity to experience new and different things as new landscape, culture, history, learn new language and open your eyes for new heritage. This decision in your life have to be a personal decision to never regret going ,in the end you are going there for a good propose that can change your life forever this is why you need to put your goal in front of your eyes and work hard to reach it. During your study period you have also the chance to work and that’s what most of student do in more times, in this situation you will teach to take of your own responsibility and you will be able to pay for your own expenses and in more times students start pay for their tuition fees if they have a good salaries, by the way finding a job and earn money is easy in more countries specially if you learn to talk the language if they have different language than English.

Studying abroad is a project that is both incredibly exciting and interesting both personally and professionally. Studying abroad is the assurance of speaking a second language and proving to everyone your cultural openness. Opportunities on the job market are not lacking, while students leaving to study abroad are almost systematically successful in their lives. According to recent statistics, more than 5 million students studied outside their home countries in 2014 compared to 2.1 million in 2000, and this statistic reveals a much greater flow of knowledge, education and skills compared to the end of the 20th century.

Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Poland, and Czech Republic are among the most preferred destinations for international students seeking high quality education. In fact, international students do not need an excuse to study in a remote country for good education. The exterior has many benefits, notably: A bright spot in your resume: Most companies in the Arab world look at university degrees from abroad with great appreciation, which means that graduating from a prestigious university abroad can help you get a rewarding job in a short time.

English Language Skills: English is the key to entering the multinational business world. There is no better way to live in an English-speaking country to develop your language skills and to develop your English speaking and speaking abilities.
Increased access to work abroad: There are large numbers of international students who prefer to settle in the country of study instead of returning home, so studying abroad may be your gateway to work in a developed country with a high degree of degree from companies and institutions there.
Learning differently: International students often find themselves in a completely new way of learning, which may be difficult at first but greatly contributes to the development of your mental abilities and makes you more able to learn and gain knowledge in different ways.
Independence: It is not easy to be independent, but living for the first time alone without your family and friends will be an excellent opportunity to go through many experiences.
Self-reliance: Moving to study abroad is the last chapter of self-reliance, and when you return to your future country you will most likely be less dependent on others and more flexible and accountable.
Assessing Small Things: Studying abroad as an international student means that you will live within the minimum income, where you will have very little property compared to what the local student may have, which will make you appreciate everything you get.
Access to international student privileges International students often receive very good discounts at a large number of companies and services, including airlines, hotels, clothing stores, electronics stores and smartphones.
Taking advantage of your leisure time: When you go to study in Britain, for example, you have an almost irreplaceable opportunity to travel to almost all European countries at reasonable prices without having to get a visa. You can spend the weekend in Paris or Amsterdam before returning on Monday to study from new.
Learning about different cultures: While studying abroad, you will meet other international students coming from different parts of the world. You will find yourself in direct contact with cultures, customs and traditions you may never have heard of. This new culture will make you more open and receptive to others.

The study abroad does not mean leaving students in developing countries to study in rich countries. Rather, students have a chance to get a different experience. According to official reports, some 400,000 Chinese students and 700,000 US students leave their country each year to study abroad.
But as we see students from different countries specially as Nigeria, Ghana, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Egypt and others are leaving their countries going to more countries around world to study because they believe that this will make and give them better future specially in European countries. Passing to study abroad can have its own disadvantage sometimes but this disadvantage is such a little percentage compering to their benefits, every person already knows about that little points but 99% of those people choose to go abroad because they know, that this is nothings in looking to the advantage they will face for going there.

We already talked about all the benefits of studying abroad but we will make it clearest for you, we can find a lot of reasons to encourage you finishing your study in a new, different direction and we already talked about all the benefits of studying abroad but we will make it clearest for you, from those reasons we find:

Reasons of study abroad:

1. Learn a foreign language:

Which is a necessity today to be bilingual seems. In addition, what is better way to learn a foreign language than a total immersion? The continuous practice of a language with native speakers is the best way to master it. Thanks to your studies, you will even be able to possess a technical vocabulary, specific to a field of competences (management, finances, communication ...). An invaluable asset for recruiters. In addition to the professional advantage, mastering other languages will make it easier for you to make friends from the entire world coming from different countries just as you to experience this new life style and why not settle in the country later! However, do not be fooled, even on the spot it takes time to become multilingual. Allow at least three months for a good command of the language, but for one year or more, this is will be ideal.

Who has not dreamed of being fluent in English? The universal language that National Education tries to inculcate us since our youngest age! Yet few are the students who are fluent in the language when they arrive in the final year ... Why? Because to truly learn English, it is better to be in an English speaking country! This is the case for all other languages. School learning will not allow you to become bilingual. To be it you will have to practice the foreign language in a regular and assiduous way! By going abroad to study, you will have no alternative but to get by in the language of the country. If this seems unlikely, think again, in just a few months you will see your level improve considerably.

In one year, you will master the language perfectly! Being bilingual is an important asset in the professional or personal world. At present, mastering a second language has become almost indispensable.

2. Discover a new culture:

Globalization has standardized most cultures, but not totally! Each one keeps its specificities. It may be interesting to discover other ways of life; it will give you a greater openness. You will realize that there are different ways of thinking and seeing things. With a sharp critical mind, you will now have points of comparison to judge events at home or somewhere else.

Every country has its own culture! Moreover, what a chance to discover a new way of life by studying abroad!
One thing is sure, after your stay abroad, you will be a changed person! An intense and unique experience. For student from Nigeria, a student in Czech Republic, "the city is crazy! We have the impression that anything is possible! It is an experience to live at least once in your life! There is a great solidarity among European expatriates.
3. Guaranteed personal development:

Delivered to yourself, this trip to unknown land will make you mature. Without your loved ones, you will have to fend for yourself. A unique experience to build self-confidence! You will learn to know yourself better and to open yourself to others. With your many meetings and your new resourcefulness, you will come back transformed.

In life, you sometimes have to jump into the water! Studying abroad will make you more independent, which will be a great asset for your future professional life. Choose your accommodation, solve last minute problems, take transport in a different country from yours, will allow you to gain autonomy.

4. Learn differently:

The teaching methods are not the same elsewhere than here, you will have to adapt to a learning environment where the rules are different from a country to another. If you look to system of education in Europe and compare it with your country you will see the difference. The system of education in more countries is high educational system where students will be well trained in comfortable way.

Studying abroad also means dealing with a new teaching method. Classes are in the language of the country in which you are studying, so at first, you may have some difficulties, but soon you will get used to them. The teacher-student relationship also differs according to the country. In Canada for example, professors are very accessible and present for students, there is no final exam but a continuous control, there are very few lectures, and the priority is put on debates and exchanges. The motto is communication. Many students have a great memory of their time; some have even decided to start their professional life there.

5. Valuing your CV:

The ultimate goal of studying abroad is to showcase your training. In the age of globalization, an international career is more valuable to the recruiter. This shows that you are autonomous, open-minded with a certain intellectual curiosity. Living outside your native country is also having to be resourceful and adaptable. Highly sought-after qualities in the world of work. In addition, this experience abroad will be the way to differentiate yourself from others and make you more easily a place in the job market. Do not forget to write it on your CV!

Tell yourself that this experience abroad will put your resume at the top of the recruiter's stack. It is a big asset! This proves that you speak a second foreign language, that you know how to manage alone, and that you are not afraid to try new things ... Thanks to this adventure; your professional profile will make the difference, and will allow you to stand out when looking for a job. Lydia works in events, her experience has been beneficial to find a job: "With equal skills on the school path, I picked up an interview while some of my girlfriends who applied to the same offer were not recalled. I think my two years in the Netherlands played a lot! "

6. Make a good address book:

Some trades ask to create a certain address book! Having a good international network of knowledge can be very useful for your professional development. Going to study abroad, you will rub shoulders with people from all over the world; Lola student in Ukraine has made a large network: "In Ukraine, there is a large community Lebanon, Turkish, Azerbaijan, Tunisian, Moroccan and others... I Ties a maximum of links, I tell myself that it can always be used to make contacts! "

7. Take on a new challenge:

Young people tend to always want to take on new challenges! In addition, it is a great challenge to go abroad to study...

8. To be financially independent:

Going to study abroad cannot be improvised overnight! Nevertheless, rest assured, several solutions are available to you, like many students, during your study period you can find a job, this way you can collect your own money to pay for your own expenses. To find a job most of times you need to speak the language of the country in other cases you can find a job in call center and use your own language and you can face many opportunities. Studying abroad has significant advantages you have to use it and you need to know when to use it exactly.

How to choose University Abroad:

Ukraine is better than many universities in Europe, no need to draw a picture. Nevertheless, the first criterion to remember - before the temperature curve - is the quality of the university you are going to go. For this, we must see wide: quality and recognition of teaching, life on campus, equipment, location, housing, etc. All these elements will make you feel good on the spot and that your stay will be successful. instagram target ads

It is very important to know where you are going to set foot. Do not rush to the most prestigious universities without being informed beforehand. Learning about the university itself, on campus and on the city is a prerequisite for a real good experience.

1. be consistent with your studies

"An important criterion is the coherence between the studies and the destination," If you want to feel more comfortable you need to organize your time and know the different between study and fun time.

2. Anticipate in relation to your career

Even if your professional life still seems far away, a stay abroad can be decisive later on. Are you considering an international career? Go where you can boost your language skills. Are you in engineering school or trade? Make your choice among the most highly rated universities in the field, one that will make a strong impression on your future CV. "I always advise my students to go where the crowd does not go, where it seems more difficult, as in Asia," says Serge Guarini. Risk taking is indeed seen by recruiters. THEREFORE, to make the right choice, start by looking for schools that offer courses that fit your curriculum.

3. Universities: international rankings

Start by consulting the international rankings of universities, to get an idea of the value of a diploma: like the recent ranking of French universities published by the Ministry of Higher Education, they measure budgets as well as the quality of the research, the satisfaction of the students, the number of professors...These charts highlight the strengths and the weaknesses of a university.

4. Make according to your budget

No need to hide the face: some destinations are more expensive than others are Even if you often do not have to pay additional tuition you have to take into account the cost of living on the spot (housing, transportation, food…). Ukraine and Cyprus today are considered as the most affordable universities for the acceptable tuition fees and the cheap cost of living, and specially the good ranking of universities in the world after wards, does not forget that you can apply for grants.

MBBS (Medicine) in Abroad:

Medicine and related health sciences are one of the most widely accepted professions in the world. A career requires not only hard work and determination to challenge you every day, but also requires scientific curiosity and dedication to service and care to others. Medical professionals are always proud - and rightly so - of their perseverance and dedication to serving others. The main goal of this profession is to preserve the health of the community and to rehabilitate patients so that they can return and participate effectively in life and rejuvenate their societies.
The length and intensity of the curriculum depends on the criteria applied by the university to study this specialty. However, the duration of the medical study usually ranges from five to seven years, including two years in direct work with patients in hospitals, local clinics and research centers.
In the first two years of the study, the student will study basic scientific subjects and different skills so that he can understand the scientific foundations on which the medical sciences were based. In the third and fourth years, the student will be trained in pre-clinical and clinical cases, which will allow them to train on the basics of clinical diagnosis. This is followed by a full year of training in clinical medicine and surgery that combines correct diagnosis methods with effective treatment plans.

In the last two years include the real practice of medicine, under the supervision of brilliant academic teachers, which is the real starting point for working as a doctor and gaining more accumulated experience over life in this specialty. If you want to become a doctor or health care professional, the most important thing is to have the awareness and the will to adhere to the principles of this profession, which in many cases will turn out to be much larger than a profession, simply because it is closely related to the very concept of life The Association of American Medical Colleges advises advanced students to study medicine that planning, guidance, and advice from experienced individuals are key elements in the success of the progress of this study and its rigorous requirements for acceptance.

To ensure having a good future and a good carrier as a student you need to choose one of the best universities to continue this education program. Many students choose to study abroad because in European countries universities provide better Education System. The cost of study Medicine in Europe is so expensive and those Prices are different from University to another and from country to another.
In the Last years, a huge number of students apply to Ukraine Universities because of the high system of education and affordable prices where students will get a well training during their years of study.

Engineering in Abroad:

Engineering is an area that has become intertwined in most areas of life. Getting a degree in engineering is an opportunity to specialize in a field of study. There is always a demand for it. Engineering is a growing field, especially with technology controlling many aspects of our daily life. Students are puzzled about the geometry they should study, so in this article we tried to highlight the most common engineering areas and spread among the students.

Complete your studies in engineering especially in European countries is such a good idea, this way you will ensure a good future and if you want to work in one of this countries you will get a good salaries because a foreign specialty diploma, are good ingredients to enhance a professional profile.

There are different specialties in engineering as:

Civil Engineering
Civil engineering is the branch of engineering that specializes in the construction and construction of important buildings such as dams, power plants, roads and bridges, as well as water networks and sewage networks, all of which require the study of civil engineering.

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering plays an important role in ensuring security and safety, and mechanical engineering mainly deals with machinery and machinery. For example, certain products and processes that enter mechanical engineering in their work, such as engines and control systems, vehicles and aircraft, power generators, and medical devices, as well the air conditioners and sports equipment.
In short, mechanical engineering is involved in the work of any device that uses or produces any form of energy, and the mechanical engineer is the designer and producer of those products.

Engineering Management
Engineering Management is an area that focuses on the application of engineering principles in effective planning and manufacturing processes in engineering processes. Simply put, engineering management is a specialized work that prepares engineers to carry out engineering projects successfully. Engineering managers are those who are able to apply project-engineering principles in a practical way.

Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerned with the work and design of chemical processes, the functioning and conduct of chemical reactions to solve chemical practical problems and the production of useful chemical products. In short, chemical engineering is the applied chemistry. It is concerned with the ways in which raw materials change in order to become useful commercial products. Chemical engineers are responsible for the preparation and operation of the chemical reactions and processes involved in the process of producing a particular commodity, and to convert and change its shape into the appropriate form of consumption.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electronic and electrical engineering is the most dynamic engineering field; it is an engineering field that deals with study and application with the sciences of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Electrical and electronic engineers are engaged in developing, testing and supervising the manufacture of electrical and electronic devices. These devices and products are transmission and communication systems, lighting systems in buildings and vehicles, navigators, power generators, and others.

The various fields of engineering are present in most international universities abroad and in the interior as well. The student who specializes in one of the aforementioned engineering fields is not concerned about employment after graduation. These engineering fields are the most popular fields of engineering among the students.

MBA in Abroad:

There is no doubt that obtaining a master's degree is a milestone in the career, academic and personal progress of any person who seeks excellence and excellence. The Master's degree is the basis of higher studies, which opens wide doors for better opportunities for those who have acquired them mainly, especially if the appreciation is distinctive as well.

Master's study is not easy. You spend one, two, or three years in your specialization in all your theories, business and applications extensively. This will inevitably reflect your level of performance in the work, and makes it undoubtedly more comfortable and automatic for you, because the study covers all the details of your work and doing it abroad will give you so more chances in your future carrier this means that you will be required to constantly innovate methods, and look for different ways to enhance your understanding and ramifications in your field of specialization.. And this will be reflected in the way you manage to work, and increase the creative side as you do, to be used to doing these high research tasks, during your studies to this degree.

No one studies the Master in a particular specialization and watches the nights and spends time and sweat just because he loves his specialty and wants to increase the science! The physical interview is of course the top priority, and getting a master's degree in your specialization gives you two very important things:

The first is to promote your position very quickly, which means increasing your salary several times. Second, moving to major international institutions and getting a high position because of your high-level academic degree. As you can see, these are very important for you, of course!

International students exchange program.

Now, students are no longer waiting to graduate from their university, wherever they are, so that they have the opportunity to experience academic study at a university other than their own. In a country other than their own, the idea of student exchange around the world has spread to the goal of achieving and successfully experimenting with cultural and student exchange between different countries , In which the European Union began to be followed by many student and non-student institutions in securing and funding these programs to grant students full or partial grants in order to help them to pay the cost of travel and study abroad for a period of three or six months and sometimes for a full year.

Student exchange became widely popular after World War II, and its aim was to help participants to gain understanding and tolerance with other cultures, as well as to improve their language skills and broaden their social horizons.

Study abroad scholarship:

Scholarships are a way to help foreign students finance their studies. Scholarships are non-repayable financial assistance. They are generally awarded to students with excellent academic records, although some also reward work experience and volunteer work. For some scholarships, you have to apply, but others are awarded automatically. The number of students wanting to study abroad is increasing every year. Nevertheless, the problem of costs remains one of the biggest obstacles to these wishes to complete the study abroad, and to obtain prestigious certificates from international universities.

Therefore, the only safe option for a student who wants to complete his studies abroad at low costs is to obtain free scholarships. It is true that most colleges, universities and international educational institutions provide educational assistance and scholarships, but under a set of conditions and laws to control the seriousness of these scholarships, and ensure that they actually reach their entrants … Not every student offers a scholarship to be accepted, is in fact a relative deduction for the costs and expenses that will be borne by the student during his studies.

Regardless of the material support that is usually provided to students admitted to scholarships, the fact is that there are other advantages waiting for the student receiving the scholarship. For example, employers and companies usually tend to follow students who have completed their studies abroad through free scholarships at some universities. Because the student accepted in the scholarship, which has been able to meet the conditions, is a model of commitment and focus and ambition to complete his academic and academic, and thus will reflect these qualities on the work method, and affect positively in any organization to which he belongs after completing his studies.

It should also be borne in mind that the scholarship system varies between public and private universities, and that the scholarship program may vary and vary from year to year. For this Cyprus, universities are considered not only as one of the best universities in the world to finish your education but it is also easy to get a scholarship.

The Eastern Mediterranean University offered 50% of the tuition fees to all international students applying to study bachelor's or master's programs, except for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The students receive scholarships for their general secondary education. The grant value ranges from 25% to 50% Tuition fees only. In addition, the opportunity to obtain a scholarship is 100% available to students who excel in their studies and who wish to study the bachelor's degree. This grant includes all faculties and programs except the Faculty of Medicine, which does not have any scholarships, As for doctoral programs, the university offers 100% scholarships or 50% scholarships to students in each college.

Where the decision is taken to give a full scholarship or two grants depending on the number of applicants and their achievement in the scientific degree and practical experience, as this grant is competitive and the decision to give the grant by the Committee of Grants at the University.

In addition, the university offers some 100% scholarships to undergraduate students based on their achievements in the secondary school. This scholarship is offered to students at the bachelor level of each country in case they agree with the university laws.

Thank you for your attention and we hope that we provide you all necessary information!

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