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Capital: Kiev
Official language: Ukrainian
Area: 603,6 thousand km², occupies the 44th place in the world
Population: 42.4 million people
Currency: hryvnia, UAH
Phone code: (+380)
Internet domains: .ua

Education in Ukraine

The twenty-first century is considered a time of progress, information technology and development. Every citizen needs a quality education in order to keep up with progress, find a dream job, or create his own successful business. Universities abroad became especially popular. Because besides schooling and lifestyle abroad is a great experience that will come into life.

Considering the main statistics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the admittance of incoming graduates to the educational institution, it can be stated with confidence that these educational institutions are popular among foreign applicants. Referring to the main website of the International Department in 2018, we can say that almost 70000 international pupils from 147 countries study at educational institution. That is a huge indicator compared to other European nations. European country, as well as therefore European standards plus values have influenced the kind of the plans offered in institution of higher education. There are located and operate universities that were established more than 205 years ago. We do not even think about the experience of such universities. Such educational institutions are not only a place for learning, but besides a museum, a history for undergraduates.

Education in Ukraine consist the quality of training, receiving years of practice from assistance and familiarization with the rich history of the country. Each region of Ukraine is famous for its traditions, historical monuments and cuisine. It is safe to say that the people of Ukraine are very friendly and they treat the foreign student very good. The climate of the country is very different. It is colder in the North and warmer in the South. Ukraine borders with European countries such as Poland, Hungary. The schools obtaining double diplomas, joint research. Students have the chance to enroll in Ukrainian university and, thanks to a signed agreement between the two universities on obtaining a double diploma, to continue their studies in another country. In addition, in the end get two diplomas of higher education Ukrainian and Polish, for example. Most countries of the world have an agreement on the recognition of Ukrainian diplomas. Thanks to this contract, after graduating, there is no question of recognition of diplomas. On the other hand, the recognition procedure takes place in a simplified form. An international diploma is issued, in Ukrainian and English.

Official Agency for Study in Ukraine

This question interests everyone entering the state universities of Ukraine. How to find an official partner for the recruitment of foreign students to universities in Ukraine. The more willing to do, the more firms open and all in one voice claim that they are the only official representatives, etc.

In addition, how to understand with whom to work? (Why do we need a firm, we will describe the pros and cons below)
Each official company is registered in the electronic journal of the State International Center for International Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. When enrolling through such firms, a student can be sure that he will be offered an accredited university, will be given an official invitation to study, will be helped to enroll, be settled in a dormitory, receive a residence permit, etc.

NOTE: the invitation should indicate the name of the company with which you cooperate. If the company name is not, then this company does not work directly.

Go to public universities only through official firms. FD Education is accredited and registered with the State Department of International Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. We send an official invitation to study where the name of the company “FD EDUCATION” is indicated.

When entering the state educational institutions of Ukraine, you need to use the services of official firms, if you pay 300-400 dollars for services. Because if within 4-5 years you need help or one problem arises, coming from another country and solving issues will be more expensive than $400 - 700. The company will send an invitation, translate documents, meet you at the airport, and help you to enter, apply for, and obtain a residence permit and many things.

The main thing is to understand that the company is registered in Ukraine and has contracts with universities. As a minus of work with the company, you can specify only one reason, and that is to pay for the services of the company. Once again, we repeat, if it is in the aisles of three hundred dollars, you can pay and five years to know that there are people who will support in difficult situations.

Why study in Ukraine?

Too much good reasons for choosing universities in Ukraine. Most of educational institutions are public. There are several private universities in the country. Most foreign students choose state universities. These universities receive additional accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine for the applying and teaching of foreign students. There are state universities in Poland, Hungary and Belarus, but Ukrainian higher education institutions are attractive. Why do foreigners choose Ukraine for higher education? The reasons are listed below:

- State accredited universities
- Attractive costs
- Dormitories for int. Students
- Easy submission of documents
- Low prices for life
- Friendly population
- Many international programs with faculties in Europe and America

Access to faculties is carried out 2 times a year. In addition, at the preparatory department, you can always do. This is very convenient for planning study abroad; students do not worry about visa delays, or other issues related to studying abroad. Choosing studying in Ukrainian higher educational institutions, you will be sure of getting a quality European education at reasonable prices. Start building your future with Ukraine. Prospective students can entry in bachelor, master and doctoral studies. University diplomas are recognized in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Your professional career will begin after receiving a quality higher education. All of them are offering internships in popular companies plus industrial enterprises. Comfortable living conditions are one of the key factors for a person. Foreign scholars can live in university dormitories, or rent an apartment. By desire and considering the payment for renting flat, afford both. Ukrainians are very tolerant and friendly to visiting foreign students. Being a student at a Ukrainian university is a great opportunity to participate in international exchange programs with universities in Europe and America.

For applicants who do not know the language of instruction, a preparatory faculty is offered. This department teaches students to speak three languages: Russian, Ukrainian, and English. The first semester of courses is devoted only to the study of the language, the second half of the year are added to the subjects, so that in the future it will be easy to learn. At the end of the courses, you will get your certificate and with this document, you can enroll to any university in the country. Recruitment to the preparatory department is conducted 10 months. All applicants must have a passport and a document of the secondary education. Documents must be translated into the Ukrainian language and notarized. After submitting these documents, you will get Invitation letter. The infant buy tickets, reports the date of arrival to arrange a meeting at the airport. Without meeting, the flown foreigner may not be allowed to cross the border. Therefore, students must clearly report the date and place of arrival. After arriving at the university, we register; submit documents to the Migration Service for obtaining an official residence permit, etc.

Universities of Ukraine

Today in Ukraine, there are approximately 330 higher educational institutions. Most of them are state owned. Most universities and foreign students are in Kharkov. Nevertheless, Kyiv, Sumy, Lvov, Odessa are also popular cities for applicants. In recent years, foreigners began to choose the university and consider universities from the list of "TOP 200 Ukraine" and "QS World Universities Rankings". We provide a list of popular and rating universities in Ukraine:

- Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
- Kyiv National Technical University
- Sumy State University
- Kharkov National University named after V.N.Karazin
- Lvov National University named after Ivan Franko
- Lvov National Technical University
- Kharkov National Aviation University
- Kharkov National Technical University
- Kyiv National Aviation University

These varsities are especially popular among Ukrainians and foreigners. Universities offer many educational programs, such as medicine, dentistry, management, engineering, finance, economics, computer science, software, computer science, tourism, aviation, aircraft maintenance, engineering, energy, electrical engineering, Oil and gas, automation, ecology, philology, foreign languages, translation, history and other accredited programs. Training is offered in three languages: English, Ukrainian, and Russian. You can find and study at any desired faculty. All specialties are foreseen and licensed for the recruitment of incoming pupils from all over the world. Most of all arriving (statistics of 2018) from India, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Nigeria and others.

Tuition Fees in Ukraine

Ukrainian universities are offer affordable European education. The paying for training depends on the desired faculty, university and city of coaching. Prices for preparatory schools start at $1000/year, and up to $2000/y. depends on university and language of training. For example, in English are more expensive than in Russian. Prices for economic specialties start at $1,500 per year and up to $2,500 per year, depending on the specialty and language of instruction. Medical specialties are considered the most expensive, from $3,000 for year and up to $4,500 per year, depending on the faculty and language of instruction (Russian, Ukrainian, and English). Computer specialties are offered from $1,400 per year to $2,400 per year. In addition to foreigners, many Ukrainian citizens study at these faculties. One of the popular specialties is aviation. Kiev and Kharkov attract many people who want to get higher education in aviation specialties. Prices start at $2,200 per year and up to $3,000 per year. Still, there are many who wish to attend the correspondence department of varsities from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. The prices for the correspondence faculty are approximately $1000 per year. 2 times a year you have to come and pass exams. This is very convenient for those who work, or there is no possibility of living abroad. Tuition can be paid in installments, in two or three payments per year. However, the first year may require paying the full amount of tuition. If the paying of training is in dollars, then we pay the payment at the official rate of the NBU. Students from non-visa countires can choose the part time education at state universities of Ukraine. For example, citizens of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova can apply for part time education and just come to Ukraine 2 times in a year to pass exams. They are studying with citizens of Ukraine. Edcation in Russian or Ukrainian language depends of university and faculty. Cost of education in part time education are 900 - 1700 dollars per one year. There are more different specialties to choose. Diploma is International, that is why there are more applicants are applying for part time education.

Faculty of Medicine in Ukraine (MBBS)

Medicine -The most popular specialty between foreign students in Ukraine. If in Poland, the cost of training is 8,000–10,000 euros per year, in Ukraine the amount is 3,000–4,500 dollars per year. The period of study is 6 years. Universities have big medical faculties; students have practice in public hospitals of the city. Ukraine is famous for its medical research since the USSR. Given the many years of experience in the field of medicine, the choice of this area in Ukraine is not an accident. Many famous doctors, scientific researchers share their experience and practice. For medicine, choose Kiev, Sumy, Kharkov, and Lvov. These large cities have many hospitals for comfortable practice in the departments of urology, surgery, gynecology, etc. Which state universities are offer General Medicine (MBBS) in Ukraine? There are more high schools, but we recommend applicants to choose state and the universities from the Ranking list. Kyiv National University after Taras Shevchenko, Sumy State University are listed in these Ranking lists. Foreing prospective applicants can study in English or Ukrainian languages.

Faculty of Dentistry in Ukraine

Today, professional dentists can find high-paying jobs anywhere in the world. To do this, you need to love this profession and get a quality higher education in a rating university. If this institution of higher education is located abroad, then it is also a great experience for a lifetime. Every year, many who wish to apply for the right of entry, because getting the profession of dentist is very profitable and high quality in Ukraine. A huge number of public and private hospitals are provided for practical training. The cost of training is about 4000 dollars a year; prices are democratic compared to Poland, Russia, Hungary and other countries in Europe. The term of study is 5 years. After 5 years, you can continue on the specialties' surgery of the upper part of the jaw and the lower part of the jaw. If international students want to study Dentistry in Ukraine at the State University from the World Ranking list, so you have just one choice: Sumy State University. Cost of the Dentistry are 4000 dollars per year. Duration are five years.

Economics, Management in Ukraine

The Ukraine is in Europe and many global enterprises open their branches in the cities of the country. The country's economy is growing every year and new technologies for managing production and the company will be introduced. European and American companies are interested in working on the Ukrainian market and therefore each year they become more and more. If you decide to enroll in a university and get a degree in economics or a manager, then you have made the right choice. Higher education institutions offer full-time and part-time studies. For the trainers, all conditions are created for practicing and being acquainted with the activities of large Ukrainian and European companies. Optionally, you can choose management, finance, business economics, accounting and auditing, marketing, accounting, international economics and much more. You will learn how to draw up a balance sheet of an enterprise, calculate revenues and expenses of a company, and effectively manage personnel. Inernational students can choose one of the following specilaties: management, international trade, marketing, finance, banking, International relations, accounting and etc. 

Computer Sciences in Ukraine

Our time cannot be imagined without information technology. Public and private institutions each year introduce new technologies and update software. Without such actions, it is difficult to build a competent company work. Citizens of the country when contacting government agencies, or clients of private firms prefer to do everything remotely and submit all their requests online on the organization's website. For the same reason, the number of people entering computer specialties has increased. Students choose computer science, software, IT specialist, etc. Ukrainian programmers are famous in Europe; they have no difficulties with employment. This area is highly paid in all countries of the world.

Now, every company and every government organization has its own official website and in the state of programmers to serve this electronic resource. In recent years, to increase the image of the organization, they began ordering mobile applications based on Android and Apple. For high-quality, creation of such applications requires a competent specialist who understands the software. Such applications require constant maintenance. Without professional experts to maintain, the image of the company at a high level is impossible.

Engineering in Ukraine

Since the times of the Soviet Union, many factories and plants have remained in Ukraine. Some of them closed the rest work. In various specialized enterprises, work a huge number of employees. Universities and enterprises are ready to share their many years of experience with students. Specialties are offered such as mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, builder, designer, technologist, tester, hydraulic engineer, electrical engineer, systems engineering, heat engineer, mechatronic engineer, environmentalist, power engineering. Every company is looking for a highly qualified specialist. Choose universities in Ukraine, and you will be confident in your future. High-quality training and practice is guaranteed by the school.

Accommodation (Hostels) in Ukraine

Foreign students prefer to live in university dormitories. Different hostels are offered - with repair, with conditions, etc. After settling a student pay about 280-350 dollars per year. If you want better conditions, you can consider apartments for rent. The cost of renting an apartment is very different depending on the city of study. For example, if in the city of Sumy you can rent a 1-room apartment in a new building with all the conditions for $200 a month, then in Kiev or Kharkov prices will start from $ 300-350 per month. You can still consider renting a room in an apartment. In any case, foreign students are provided with accommodation.

Living rooms and classrooms are located in the same building for students in the Preparatory Department. It is very convenient for those who do not know the language and do not need to go to the university, use public transport. Each institution of higher education has many hostels for the comfortable stay of foreign students. There are 2 or 3 students in the rooms. For each section, there are separate shower rooms and toilets. In addition, students have a large kitchen with a gas stove and other necessities. Dormitories are guarded 24 hours a day, security cameras are installed and visits to residents and guests are monitored. There are certain hours to visit and receive guests. Smoking is prohibited in the building. Territories are cleaned, and all conditions for rest after study are created. Those interested can go in for sports (wrestling, karate, judo, etc.), use the swimming pool, or visit other offered sections for a pleasant pastime.

Universities of Ukraine in the TOP World Rankings

To date, several universities in Ukraine are on the prestigious world lists of universities, such as the QS World Universities Rankings, Times Higher Education. Among such schools, you can specify Kyiv University Taras Shevchenko, Sumy State University, Kyiv National Polytechnic University, Lvov National University, Kharkov National University V.N.Karazin and etc. The number of students at these universities increased dramatically after the names of these universities appeared in the world top lists. It is possible in the list of the top 1000 universities in the world to meet the university, which occupies the 450th or 750th place. This is a very big figure considering the fact that the list is headed by American, English universities.

The university that is on the list will try to stay there, and for this, it will increase the quality of the proposed training, the conditions for education and residence, the number of not only Ukrainian citizens, but also foreign citizens. We want to note that the number of foreign students and countries affect the world ranking of the university. Received a diploma of such universities open up opportunities for the graduate. If you continue your studies in workshops or doctoral programs in Europe, America, or Canada, the rating of the university where you studied is taken into account. The higher the status, the higher the likelihood to go to the desired university, or to get a dream job. Therefore, we recommend choosing top universities abroad. Received quality education and wide experience are the key to your career growth and the future as a whole! Studying in Ukraine is a great opportunity, being in the center of Europe, to receive a quality education recognized by the entire world community!

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Benefits of Study Abroad

Benefits of Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most beneficial experiences for a student. By studying abroad, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and enjoy the appeal and culture of a new land. It may be a high priority for some, and for others it is a real challenge. Like everything else, it has many advantages and many disadvantages too.   However, the value of the advantages of the student studying abroad and the reflected academic, cultural, educational and career development cannot in any way be compared to some of the negative aspects that can be exposed to it, which often have effective solutions.   Here is a list of the top 5 reasons for you to study abroad:

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 Dual Diploma Terms

Dual Diploma Terms

The length of MA and MSc is about 4 Semesters, and students are obliged to study for two. semesters at the University of Tabriz and two semesters at the Near East University. In special cases and with the ratification from related committee’s duration of the study period can be extended up to twelve months. The length of PhD is about 3-4 years, half will be done in University of Tabriz and the rest in the Near East University. All courses and thesis of students will be in English Language and be supervised by Professors of both sides.Degree The graduates will receive joint Master and PhD Degrees from two Universities.TABRIZ UNIVERSITYRequirements for applications to postgraduate

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Bilkent University

Bilkent University

The Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings report for 2017-18  lists Bilkent as Turkey’s highest-ranked university. In the report, Bilkent is placed in the group of universities ranked 421-430. Four other Turkish universities join Bilkent in the top 500: Koç University (in the group ranked 431-440), Sabancı University (in the group ranked 461-470), Middle East Technical University (in the group ranked 471-480), and Boğaziçi University (in the group ranked 491-500).Overall, this year’s QS report ranks the Massachusetts Institute of Technology first, Stanford University second, Harvard University third, California Institute of Technology first, Stanford University second, Harvard ...

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Startup X.GLU

Startup X.GLU

Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Marek Novák, Tomas Pikous and Barbora Suchanova are developing.Thanks to their solution, the students achieved worldwide victory at the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup in Redmond on July 27th. This brings $ 250,000 worth of prizes. More than 50 projects have advanced to the finals of the competition from national competitions. Startup X.GLU, founded in May 2016, works with smart phones. It immediately informs the parent of the child about the measured values, also informing about the child's position. In case of complications, parents can intervene immediately. Read more ... go to the page ... news ... education ...

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