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Sumy State University

  Sumy State University is rightfully considered one of the best higher educational institutions in Ukraine.

   In 2019 Sumy State University takes the 3rd place among Ukrainian universities and included in the list of TOP 1,000 universities in the World (QS  and THE)
   To date, in the walls of the Sumy State University in different forms of education, study almost 20,000 students. The university is a participant in the Bologna educational process, therefore it is possible to obtain such academic degrees as bachelor, master and Ph.D. The university provides training in 45 specialties, and according to the international rating Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings university was ranked among the best universities in the world.

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  For getting an Invitation, send your documents to the email address:,ua

  To apply to Sumy State University, fill in the application form below, or contact us at: +380730885011 (WhatsApp)

  The list of documents for Invitation Letter:

- International passport
- Certificate, Diploma or other educational document
- Application Form
- Consent

  Main admissions: 01.03 - 01.11
  Spring admissions: 15.11 - 15.02

Faculties in English:

Medicine 4300$ /year

Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electro mechanics 1800$ /year

Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies 1800$ /year

Computerized Control Systems and Robotics 1800$ /year

Computer Sciences 1800$ /year

Informatics, Information Technologies of Design 1800$ /year

Information and communication Technologies 1800$ /year

International Economic Relations 1800$ /year

International Business 1800$ /year

Foreign Economic Relations 1800$ /year

Economics and Business 1800$ /year

Economic Cybernetics 1800$ /year

Business analyst 1800$ /year

Finance, Banking and Insurance 1800$ /year

State and local finances 1800$ /year

Banking 1800$ /year

Finance and Accounting in entrepreneurship 1800$ /year

Management 1800$ /year

Public Management and Administration 1800$ /year

Marketing 1800$ /year

Business, Trade and Exchange Activities 1800$ /year

E-Business 1800$/year

Accounting and Taxation 1800$ /year

Accounting and Auditing 1800$ /year

Advertising and Public Relations 1800$ /year

Faculties in Russian or Ukrainian:

Medicine 3850$ / year

Dentistry 4000$ / year

Applied Mathematics 1600$ /year

Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electro mechanics 1600$ /year

Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies 1600$ /year

Computerized Control Systems and Robotics 1600$ /year

Micro-and Nano-System Technology 1600$/year

Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Systems 1600$/year     

Electronics 1600$/year

Computer technologies and nanomaterials in Electronics 1600$/year

Computer systems and components 1600$/year

Telecommunications and radio engineering 1600$/year

Network and Internet technologies 1600$/year

Applied Mechanics 1600$/year

Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic Drives and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation 1600$/year

Machinery Engineering Technologies 1600$/year

Computer engineering in mechanics 1600$/year

Materials Science 1600$/year

Computer simulation and design of materials 1600$/year

Industrial Machinery Engineering 1600$/year

Equipment for oil and gas refineries 1600$/year

Metal-Cutting Machines Tools and Systems 1600$/year

Computer Chemical Engineering 1600$/year

Power Machinery 1600$/year

Compressors, Pneumatic Units and Vacuum Technologies 1600$/year

Refrigerating Machines and Plants 1600$/year

Thermal Power Engineering 1600$/year

Energy Management 1600$/year

Computer Sciences 1600$/year

Informatics, Information Technologies of Design 1600$/year

Information and communication Technologies 1600$/year

Micro and Nano system Technology 1600$/year

Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Systems 1600$/year

International Economic Relations 1600$/year

International Business 1600$/year

Foreign Economic Relations 1600$/year

Economics and Business 1600$/year

Economic Cybernetics 1600$/year

Business analyst 1600$/year

Finance, Banking and Insurance 1600$/year

State and local finances 1600$/year

Banking 1600$/year

Finance and accounting in entrepreneurship 1600$/year

Management 1600$/year

Public Management and Administration 1600$/year

Marketing 1600$/year

Business, Trade and Exchange Activities 1600$/year

E-Business 1600$/year

Accounting and Taxation 1600$/year

Accounting and Auditing 1600$/year

Law (Jurisprudence) 1600$/year

Philology (Germanic Languages and Literatures (including Translation) 1600$/year

Journalism 1600$/year

Advertising and Public Relation 1600$/year

Physical Culture and Sports 1600$/year

Master in English:

Computer science 1900$

Economics of Environment and Natural Resources 1900$

Finance 1900$

Banking and Insurance (Finance and Audit of Entrepreneurship) 1900$

Management 1900$

Public Management and Administration 1900$

Marketing 1900$

International Economic Relations 1900$

Accounting and Taxation 1900$

Master in Russian or Ukrainian:

Computer science 1700$

Economics of Environment and Natural Resources 1700$

Finance 1700$

Banking and Insurance (Finance and Audit of Entrepreneurship) 1700$

Management 1700$

Public Management and Administration 1700$

Marketing 1700$

International Economic Relations 1700$

Accounting and Taxation 1700$

Business 1700$

Trade and Exchange Activities 1700$

Law 1700$

Philology 1700$

Journalism 1700$

Journalism (Media Communication) 1700$

Management (Law Enforcement Security) 1700$

Part-time Education 1000$/year

How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill in the Application Form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach your documents;

STEP 2. After Applying the documents, on the specified e-mail you will receive a login and password for access to Your Personal Account;

STEP 3. In Your Personal Account, our consultants will answer to all your questions and check your documents;

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for Study Visa;

STEP 5. After getting the visa, we will arrange an airport pick up and complete your university admission.

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  Sumy State University

  The history of this university started in 1948 when this institution has been that time the Moscow Institute of Metal Industry was established in this city. This institution is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and recognized worldwide. SSU is a part of the Eurasian Association of Universities, Manga Charta university, IAU, EUA, and the World Health Organization (WHO). The university involvement in the Bologna educational process, therefore it is possible to get your academic degrees in bachelor, master and Ph.D.


  This institution has a lot of departments and different specializations like medicine, managements, economics, law, computer science and others, available in 3 languages English, Ukrainian, Russian. And for the quality of the high education of this faculty. The university receiving more incoming graduates every year from different nation where the number in the last years cross the 1400 student. During the time of training, big professors and doctors with long experiences in their field oversees your training to give you the right information and train you to live the moment as a doctor or manager.

  The applicants of Sumy state university will gain a globally recognized certificate which enables him to complete his studies or find a job in any other country because of it rating in the TOP Universities in Ukraine. During the year, this university organizes many religious, cultural and recreational events. Organization for students in luxurious places to present their work to their colleagues which help them to gain self-confidence and to encourage others to do the same. Because of the different clubs in this institution there’s always competitions that you can be in one of them which will enable you to gain many benefits and help you in your rates.

   Every end of year the university make a big party for students to have fun and celebrate the begin of summer and it always crowns a king and queen in the end of evening which can be very fun. Because of the architectural beauty of the university you will feel comfortable all your time in there. Theater for show, restaurants, playground, cafe, free Wi-Fi, sport hall, big library, computer classes for your free time. To facilitate mobility at the university there're elevators everywhere.

  Why Sumy state university?

Today this institution is one of the best higher schools in Ukraine and in the world too. After it earned a respectable ranking in several stats. SSU is considered as one of the best choices to finish your studying because of the great system of education that the university offer for it students. Foreign and Ukrainian students getting closer because of the programs that teachers give where they can share the same projects that can make a good communication between them.

  After the high number of foreigners who choose the education in English, Ukrainian start choosing learning in English too which is a good step for everyone. The department in SSU are all have a good standard that’s why the students will not regret choosing any of it specialization with the interesting school life that (he or she) will live that will give them opportunity to discover more things in there filed and live more experience that can develop their knowledge. Not only this but SSU have a lot of clubs where can trainer spend his free time doing new things, like joining dance clubs, scientific clubs, sport clubs, or make your own club.

  Because of the higher system of University, you will find yourself in a friendly relation with your teacher which will give you more confidence to continue .not only this but you will be able to live the exchange experience between universities which are a national or international universities and this opportunity will push you to study more and make you show your real skills. In Ukraine not all universities offer English Education, but SUMY STATE UNIVERSITY is one the best institution to study in this language. With a Dual Diploma programs with European universities you will be able to finish your study in one of these universities start from second, third,4th year, it’s your choice. If you join sport clubs in this institution and you win in one of it competition you will be able to get extra discount in your tuition fee.

   SSU considered as the best university for distance learning where applicant can pursue his education from his country and get his diploma.
Higher education in Sumy State university is a storehouse of opportunities for foreigners, because graduates from this institution and get diplomas that are listed all over the world will give you the priority to be employed in leading and organizations international companies. A huge number of words can be written about the benefits of higher education in SSU. But we tried to give you the most important details that will help and give you the right point in choosing a university and a country of study.
  Tuition fees in Sumy State University

  This higher education school offers affordable European schooling. The cost of training depends on the desired department and language of study which is available in 3 languages in English Ukrainian and Russian.

  If you choose to study in Ukrainian or Russian it's obligatory to join the preparatory schools to learn the desire language, the cost of it is $1500 for the year. In all territory not only Sumy state university, teaching in English is more expensive than study in Ukrainian or Russian. For example, Management in English is $1900 but in Russian or Ukrainian its $1600, computer science $1900 in English but in Russian $1600, economics in English $1900 but in Ukrainian $1600. Medicine are considered as the most expensive specialties which, in English medicine is $4300 for a year but in Russian or Ukrainian its $3850. For Master degrees in English which is 2 years $2000 for the first year but the second year is the half of the price which is $1000. For master degrees in Russian or Ukrainian $1700 for the first year but the second year is $850.

  For P.H.D available in Russian and Ukrainian for $3000. The tuition fee in the Sumy State University is very appropriate, even that college in the top five higher schools in Ukraine. And compering between the tuition fees of Sumy state university and other universities in Europe, SSU is the best choice for prospective trainers. For paying your tuition fees ,institution give you two time in a year  to do that which is the start of first semester and the begin  of the second semester. You can request a discount on training on the site If you have good performance on exams, you can also apply for a discount. Our consultants review your application, and with approval you get a discount and pay less than other students. It is a lot of offers, it is necessary to use.

  How to apply to Sumy State University?

  You can apply to Sumy state university with agency. SSU has a direct contract with agency where can student apply with one of these agencies. “FD Education” has a direct official contract with this institution since 2013. So for applying, student need to send his necessary documents which are for example bachelor degrees and copy passport to agency to check them, if everything ok you need to translate you’re documents in English and send them again to the agency. After that your agency will get your invitation from university and send it to you by poste, when you get your invitation you need to apply for visa with other documents in Ukraine visa center in your country. After getting your visa and come to Ukraine. Your agency will take you to high-level educational institution for inscription, applying your papers in the dean of university and paying for your tuition fees in the bank of university.

  And for more information You only need to contact our consultants. In the "Contacts" section, you can find phone numbers, email address, official Facebook page.

  Medicine (MBBS) in Sumy State University?

  After the ranking in the "QS World Universities Rankings", more students are start applying to med. Faculty, which is the most popular specialty because of the quality of training in this university where pupils can experience the life of doctors in real life. For practice their lessons, students of Sumy state university have their own hospital where they can learn in a professional way. Many doctors and professors share their experience and practice with their students during the period of study. In an organized and deliberate manner, the student receives the information he need to his skills in this field. They will be able to live the experience of anatomy of cadaver and many other things. After the first two years, trainer will spend most of the time in hospital for practice. And for that trainers have to come wearing the hospital clothes for good presentation and for security or they will not be able to get to hospital. If a student misses a lesson he will be able to indemnity, it in another day.

  For every medicine student, they all dream about the day when they will start practicing this job. So, you will be interesting to see a doctor with a long time practice and this what you will live during your study period with SSU. Administration of SSU give more attention to medicine faculty in Sumy, last years they make a big building for medicine students with necessary materials.

  For medicine there are two types:

1-General Medicine (6 years) of study in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
2-Dentistry (5 years) of study available in Russian and Ukrainian.

  Management in Sumy State University

  The proportion of those coming to this specialization increasing year by year, when people start seen management as a modern education will help to get more money. The system of Sumy state university to teach this specialty is a high system, teach student how to be a leader in this field and how to develop his way of talking to persuade who stand in front of him. Professor in this domain will push you to high levels to improve your skills.

  As we know if you want to be a successful person in this job you have to be a confidence person to convince others. That’s why your professors will give you, from time to another some homework represented in finding a specific subject and talk about it in front of your classmates and give all the information they need to convince them that you know what you are talking about. And for yours encourage you will get extra points in your final results, and this is one of the way that teachers adapt to encourage trainers to do more. For the institution system in this specialty, most of the study depend on doing more research and learn more information and organized it in your head to make sound information which will be your main activity during your study period.

  Computer Science in Sumy State University

  Technology dominates the world, day by day developer take us to another level of progress, new programs, artificial intelligence, it is very difficult anyway to imagine any company without a computer or an official website. Who get to this specialty in most cases is one who really like this domain! Computer Science is a difficult department, students need to work hard and stay focus. But regardless all this, it’s as well the right way to get a brilliant future.

  As a computer science graduate with SSU, it will open you many doors and you will have a range of opportunities in jobs directly related to your degree includes been an applicant analyst, applications developer, Data analyst, Database administrator, Game designer, Games developer, Machine learning engineer, Multimedia programmer ... Professors will push you to learn more and to help you in every step, they will motivate you to love this specialty and make you ready to get to big competition which can be a good opportunity to show what you can do. Computer Science students in SSU have a chance more than others to get in good position in good companies.

  Hostels in Sumy State University

  This varsity has such a big and comfortable hostels where students can live in calm and peace. The student can choose the restful room for him if there’s a problem he can talk with dean and change it. Students in these hostels are free to come and go whenever they want. You can find a big sport complex where students can make new friends and pass their time or a big garden where you can sit and enjoy your coffee in weekend or preparing for exams. For bathrooms the employees will always clean it to guard your health and if you find any problem you can write a report and they will take it in considering. In holidays, they make party for students to have fun and change routine. And because different foreign live there, there're cultural events every year to learn about customs and traditions of other countries and you have the possibility to present yours.

  Living in Sumy city

  To be in Ukraine, and specially in a good city of this country is a dream for most of students. People here are so friendly, with showing respect for foreign and accept them in their environment they make you feel comfortable. There are more good places, wonderful architecture, a big river crossing the city to make a beautiful view which is considered as one of the most beautiful landscapes in this city. The cost of living is cheaper than other cities in Ukraine, comparing of the rant prices in Kharkov or Kiev you can see a big different. Transport like bus, metro taxi also cheaper because Sumy is not a big city so you will find yourself so comfortable to live here. There’s different restaurant different cuisine with good prices and good services for client and if you prefer to cook at home, you can find everything you’re looking for in magazine (Meat, Vegetables, etc.) There more activities in winter like going to a resting complex out of city to enjoy some free time with friends or trying ski on snow. In summer more people swimming   in the river, and for those courage people they can  try sky diving.

  Foreign students are trained in English and Russian, and today more than a thousand citizens from other countries study at the university. Recruitment for admission is carried out twice a year - in the autumn and in winter. In the case of an autumn university admissions process, documents must be submitted before October 15, and in the winter the documents for admission are accepted until February 15. All documents must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized. The tuition fee at the Sumy State University is very democratic, even though the university is in the top five universities in Ukraine. Foreign students are provided with comfortable dormitories, libraries with an extensive amount of specialized literature, modern computer classes, a gym. If you decide to choose studying at Sumy State University, you take a step towards a successful and rapid career!

 Today it is a mincluded in the list of top 1,000 universities in the worldincluded in the list of top 1,000 universities in the worldodern university of advanced level, which is a member of many international organizations and provides education of European quality to both Ukrainian students and foreign citizens. The history of the university began seventy years ago, when a branch of the Moscow Institute of Metal Industry was established in the city of Sumy.

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