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T. Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

  Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is deservedly considered the Ukrainian "Harvard".

  To enter this university is to study at the most prestigious and famous university in the country. It is unlikely that there will be an entrant who would not have dreamed of becoming part of the student community of this legendary educational structure. The history of the university is very exciting and has almost two hundred years. Today the most famous university of the country has opened its doors for students from foreign states.

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The requirements for obtaining a student visa for Ukraine depend on your country of origin. For more information log in to your account.

Deadlines for International Students:

  - September Intake 15.09
  - Spring Intake: 20.01

Cost of tuition 2020/2021:

Preparatory Faculty:
- English language and specialized subjects 2300$
- Ukrainian language and specialized subjects 2100$

Faculties in English:
- Medicine 4500$ /year
- International Law 2550$ /year
- International Business, Commerce And Finance 2550$ /year
- Ore and Petroleum Geology 2550$ /year
- English Studies and Two Foreign Languages 2550$ /year

How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill in the Application Form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach your documents;

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STEP 3. In Your Personal Account, our consultants will answer to all your questions and check your documents;

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for Study Visa;

STEP 5. After getting the visa, we will arrange an airport pick up and complete your university admission.

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 Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University

 Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University is located in the capitol of Ukraine Kiev. This university had established in 1839 as the Kiev imperial university of Saint Vladimir, since that time this institution had various changed in its name and considered as the third oldest university in Ukraine after Lvov and Kharkov University.

  In the Soviet Union period this university was considered in the top three universities in the Union Soviet socialist Republic. This faculty takes the first place in Ukraine as the top best university and ranked within the 500 top universities in the world. This faculty is considered as the greatest and the most prestigious university in Ukraine because the higher educational system, it’s the most university in Ukraine where consists the more faculties and department than all the other universities in Ukraine. As all universities in Ukraine University of Taras Shevchenko attached to the bologna educational process there for you can get your academic degree in bachelor Maser and P.H.D. It’s a faculty that trains its specialists in much caries out research and many fields of knowledge.

  The programs are available in Russian, Ukrainian and English where you can find that more programs are in English compering to other universities. Because of the big amount of demands to this university from international students, last years all programs are available in English, this number of students is getting increased year by year. Now the faculty gets the motto of honor and glory in this language. This institution offer to its student such a good level of education that’s what makes her the first university in Ukraine.

  The total number of students in Taras Shevchenko University is 30 thousand students at least between them 2000 international students.
For the administrative staff personnel are 3420 employees in different positions. This institution is authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and recognized worldwide. This university have about 400 foreign partner universities around the world what make it easy for international student to exchange programs with these universities as Azerbaijan, China, Greece, Canada, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Korea, Japan, United State and others.

  The university was built by a Russian architect with Italian descent. When you first see this university you will get attractive with the red color, the local guide tour said that Tsar Nicholas ordered to paint the building in this color to remind students of blood spilled by Ukrainian soldiers. The applicant with this institution will gain a globally recognized diploma which can enable him to finish his study program anywhere in the world.
With this diploma he has a big chance to work in good places more than more students from other countries. Through your day in university you will have more activities to do, like join some clubs or practice spots, for other peoples they can sit in the restaurant or university coffee, with free WIFI.Studying at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is aimed at the formation of future specialists of high rank, capable of creative thinking, making the right decisions and being ready for constant self-development. Today the university has 14 faculties, comprising almost two hundred departments. The number of students studying at the Taras Shevchenko National University is more than twenty-five thousand people.Studying of foreign students is conducted in English and Ukrainian.

  Why Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University?

  Today Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University is considered in the top list of Ukrainian universities so it’s the best direction to finish your education program. This institution has the more faculties and departments in all specialties more than any university in all Ukraine. More specialties in English that’s why more foreign students applying to this university and all specialties are with high standard. Good professor will teach you during your study program with a long experience so you will be in a good hand.

  So been a part of this institution will give you the chance to develop your experience knowledge and get more information where you need them in your study and in real life. Thanks to the service system of university, students will feel so comfortable all time, employee will help in every step and give you the right advice with smiley faces. All the years you will spend it in this faculty you will understand that you are studying in a house store of opportunities which will give you the power to increase your skills and use this energy in good ways. The best thing about studying in this faculty that you have chance more than other students from other universities to get employed in good places. The history of this university will talk about its name more than any other words I wrote.

  Tuition fees of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University:

 The prices of tuition fee of this university are so cheap compering to other European countries. Here you can get an economical European teaching. The cost of education depends on the faculty you choose and the language of education too. The cost of education in English is usually more expensive than Russian and Ukrainian. For economics, tourism, law, foreign language, engineering, computer science and other departments in Ukrainian Russian or English the cost of programs between $1500 until $2500. For medicine the cost of education in English is $3500 for a year, in Ukrainian or Russian cost $3000 for a year. For those who choose study in Ukrainian or Russian they need to join the preparatory faculty first it cost $1700. Taras Shevchenko have a good Master cost $2500 for first year and $2500 for second year in more programs in Ukrainian Russian and English. For Ph.D. Taras is a good direction to finish this program where the cost of education is $3000 and it’s an acceptable and suitable price looking to the good place of university.

  Looking to all programs students can pay for their tuition fees to time in a year which are in the begin of the first semester and the start of the second one which is such a good offer from university to help its student. Applying with will enable you to get discount in the start of the second year, if you show a good performer during class and getting good marks in exams then you have the chance to win a scholarship from university.

MBBS (Medicine) in Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University:

  Kiev Medical University is an institution of higher education in Ukraine, founded in 1992 and trained more than 10,000 students in various health fields such as dentists and general medicine. Since 2014, the university has studied more than 2,000 foreign students from different countries of the world. A high level of training and accreditation by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine, all degrees submitted by the university certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukraine, and the Kiev National University is known by all the international medical centers such as the Guide to International Medical Education, to qualify graduates to write Special medical licensing examinations In the United States of America and the Canadian Medical Council, and the licensing and certificates are recognized by the Higher Education Committee in the countries of foreign students, and thus the possibility of students to complete graduate studies in Canada and America, and the university is registered in the Ibn Sina directory maintained by the University of Copenhagen in cooperation With the World Health Organization and the World Federation of Medical Education and the full recognition of all governments.

  How to apply to Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University:

  You can apply to Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University with FD Study to guarantee you’re applying with your desire faculty. FD Study has a direct contract with the National faculty of Kiev Taras Shevchenko, so you need just to send request with FD Study to ensure your acceptance.
First step, you need to send us your necessary documents as the copy of passport and educational diploma to check via our representatives, if all documents are good. Then you have to send those documents in English if they are in other language. After this, the agency will get your invitation from University and send it to you in poste. When you get your invitation, you need to apply for visa in visa center of Ukraine in your country with the other necessary documents. This procedure will take about 2 or 3 weeks maximum, so after getting your visa and come here, someone from agency will meet you in airport and take you to your destination. After coming to Kiev and take a rest for one or two days, they will take you to university to start your applying procedure and submit your necessary paper to sign up. If you choose to continue your study in English then there’s a little test to pass after starting education which is an easy exam 99% of applicants pass it. But if you choose to learn in Russian or Ukrainian then you will join the preparatory courses during the all first year.
NB: You need to pay for your tuition fees in the university bank and your contractor will help you in this procedure.
For more information you need just to reach us in one of our contacts:
Facebook page: FD. Education
Instagram: FD. Education
Phone number (WhatsApp): +380 73 0885011 (UA)                                     

  Hostels and Apartments in Kiev:

  Living in the biggest city in Ukraine is such a big experience and adventure you have to be ready for. The good thing about this city that there are always more options you can’t find it in other cities. The State Hostels are Available for all students, big hostels, comfortable and calm where all trainers will live in a normal condition, and looking for the location of hostels which is in a good place the facilitate your transfer. During your living there you will be in secure area because of the system that the hostel adopts it. The hostels adopt camera system, student’s hostel cards and concierge during 24 hours to ensure your safety. The cost of living in those State Hostels is $300 for a year and it’s such a good price. Living in State Hostels gives you the opportunity to meet new peoples and make good friends from different countries around the world. Some students prefer living in private hostels; those hostels are available in the whole city, the good thing about those hostels that every apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen, so you will not share them with more people.

  For those who want to rent apartments, they are available but the prices different from apartment to another, it depends on the location of apartment and the situation of apartment and the building, For example:  if the apartment located in the center ,the cost of it will be more expensive than  been in a place far of center . If the building is old then the price will be cheap but if the apartment is new than the price will be high. The lowest price in this city start from 200$ for a month.

  Part Time Education:

  Since the start of the program system of Part Time Education, Many applicants are interesting in this program and start applying in this system. Why and which students are applying to this program? Those who already working and don’t have time to join the education during all year is better for them to apply for Part Time Education. Or those who have families but want to finish their study ,now they need just to come two times in a year to pass the exams and that’s all. Through the year, the faculty will send you the lessons and topics to be ready when you come to pass the tests. Most of the students in those programs are: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and others. The good thing about this education that you will safe your time and money. The cost of education in part Time is cheaper than the Full Time Education, it cost $1100 for a year. And this way you will not spend more time in the cost of everyday living.

  Living in Kiev City:

  To be part of living in Kiev is such a good experience, it’s considered as the 7th most populous city in Europe. Through your living there you will see more different foreign people around the world, those who come to study and other who come to work. It’s easy to find a job in Kiev than in other cities to pay off your daily needs. You will see also the most rapid metro in Ukraine which is considered also as the third rapid metro in Soviet Union.
You have the chance to try more and different cuisine like Ukrainian food, Russian, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Arab and other. The cost of living is more expensive than other cities, but cheap prices and expensive prices are everywhere, you need just to know where to go and what to choose. The transport is available every time and everywhere as bus, metro, subway, taxi. You will have time to discover the city and see more things and get more information about it, you will get attractive by the architect, museums and galleries of the city and specially of the big stadium in the middle of center.
For those who are addicted to fashion, you can find different and all marks from big marks to normal marks in different prices. For people who like theatre and cinema, you will find such a different and beautiful ones, sometimes you can find it in English too.

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