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Kharkiv National Aviation University

  Reception of documents of foreign applicants is carried out twice a year - in the autumn and in the winter.

   If you dreamed of a career in the aviation industry, then we are happy to present to your attention a university that can turn your dreams into reality - Kharkiv Aviation Institute.

   This year the university turns eighty-eight years old, and today more than ten thousand students receive the specialized education in the university. On the university's account, there is a creation of Europe's first high-speed aircraft equipped with retractable landing gear. Also within the walls of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute was created a project for a turbojet engine.

   To previous achievements, we can add the fact that the university participated in the creation of the space station of international value, and continues to work closely with various international organizations. On the basis of the university there are nine faculties, eight large academic buildings, a scientific laboratory, modern libraries, a sports complex with a swimming pool, and many additional classes. The university will promote the development in students of hidden talents and abilities, which you could not even suspect.

   The procedure for admission of foreigners to the Kharkiv National Aerospace University implies the preliminary submission of documents translated in advance into Ukrainian and certified by a notary office.

   Studying of foreigners in Ukraine is conducted in English and Russian.

   Kharkiv National Aerospace University, the price of studying in which is very economical compared to other European universities, will form a high-level specialist among you, before which will be opened the doors of all the leading companies around the world.

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  Admission Support:
- (+380 50) 681 91 39 WhatsApp
- VIBER Public Account: fdeducation
- Online Chat

  Admission of foreign citizens is conducted, as a rule,:

- till 01 November
- till 01 March

  List of documents for admission:
- Passport
- Document about the previous obtained educational level
- Birth certificate
- 12 photographs (3,5x4,5 cm)

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  The cost of training for foreigners in 2018-2019 academic year (in dollars):

BachelorFull-time, ruFull-time, enPast-time, ru
Aircraft Engines and Power Plants-3000-
Airplanes and Helicopters, Manufacturing Technology of Aircraft2200-1100
Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Engines2200--
Computer-integrated Technological Processes and Manufacturing2200--
Computer-integrated Design and Construction of Aircraft2200--
Machinery Dynamics and Strength2200--
Computer-oriented and Experimental Fluid Mechanics2200--
Information Technologies of Design2200--
System Design$Information Systems and Supporting2200--
Technologies of Virtual Setting2200--
Ecology and Environment Protection2200-1100
Environment Protection Technology2200--
Evaluation of Goods and Services2200--
Safety Management and Quality of Goods and Services2200--
Automobiles and Vehicle Fleet2200--
Computer-aided Diagnostics of Automobiles2200--
Testing and Certification of Aircraft2200--
Aviation Engines and Power Units2200--
Manufacturing Technology of Aviation Engines and Power Units2200--
Information Technologies of Design and Diagnostics of Technical Objects2200--
Computer-oriented Technologies of Design2200--
Computer-integrated Technologies of Energy2200--
Energy Management2200--
Gas Turbine Units and Compressor Stations2200--
Information Technologies in Gas Turbine Manufacturing2200--
Packaging Machines Design2200--
Computer Engineering2200-1100
Robotic-Mechanics Systems and Complexes2200--
Logistic Systems Engineering2200--
Unaided Navigation & Adaptive Control Systems2200--
Intelligent Transport Systems2200--
Computer-integrated Management in Power Engineering2200--
Intelligent Systems and Technologies2200--
Computation of Information Processing2200--
Distributed Information Systems2200--
Intelligent Information Measuring Systems2200--
Testing and Production Quality Metrology Support2200-1100
Quality, Standardization and Certification2200--
Computational Intelligence2200--
Mathematical and Computer Simulation2200--
Computer Systems of Technical Imaging2200--
Mobile Application Engineering2200-
Computer-integrated Technological Processes and Manufacturing2200--
Rocket Engines and Power Units2200--
Rocket and Space Complexes2200--
Unmanned Aircraft2200--
Satellites, Engines and Power Units2200--
Design and Manufacturing of Composite Constructions2200--
System Analysis and Management2200--
Mechanics and Strength of Composite Structures2200--
Geoinformation Systems and Technologies2200--
Space Monitoring of Earth2200--
Unconventional and Renewable Power Sources2200--
Energy Management and Energy Saving2200--
Nuclear Power Units2200--
Missile Munitions and Barrelled Weapon2200--
Information and Communication Systems Security2200--
Computer Systems and Networks22002500 1100
System Programming2200-1100
Programmed Portable Systems and Internet2200--
Radioelectronic Smart Tools2200--
Radioelectronic Devices, Systems and Complexes2200--
Informational Communication Networks2200--
Technologies and Means of Telecommunication2200--
Biomedical Informatics and Radioelectronics2200--
Public Management and Administration2200- 1100
Foreign Economic Activities Management2200--
Project Management2200--
International Economics2200--
International Business2200--
Economics of Enterprise2200-1100
Finances and Credit2200-1100
Accounting and Audit2200-1100
Software Engineering2200--
Applied Linguistics2200--
Counseling and Mental therapy2200--
Psychological Administration of Staff and PR2200--
Document Science and Information Activity2200--
Information and Analytical Support of Management Activity2200--

MasterFull-time, ruFull-time, enPast-time, ru
Airplanes and Helicopters, Manufacturing Technology of Aircraft2200, 1100-1100
Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Engines2200, 1100--
Computer-integrated Technological Processes and Manufacturing2200, 1100--
Computer-integrated Design and Construction of Aircraft2200, 1100--
Machinery Dynamics and Strength2200, 1100--
Computer-oriented and Experimental Fluid Mechanics2200, 1100--
Information Technologies of Design2200, 1100--
System Design2200, 1100--
Information Systems and Supporting Technologies of Virtual Setting2200, 1100--
Ecology and Environment Protection2200, 1100-1100
Environment Protection Technology2200, 1100--
Evaluation of Goods and Services2200, 1100--
Safety Management and Quality of Goods and Services2200, 1100--
Automobiles and Vehicle Fleet2200, 1100--
Computer-aided Diagnostics of Automobiles2200, 1100--
Testing and Certification of Aircraft2200, 1100--
Aviation Engines and Power Units2200, 1100--
Manufacturing Technology of Aviation Engines and Power Units2200, 1100--
Information Technologies of Design and Diagnostics of Technical Objects2200, 1100--
Computer-oriented Technologies of Design2200, 1100--
Computer-integrated Technologies of Energy Systems Design2200, 1100--
Energy Management2200, 1100--
Gas Turbine Units and Compressor Stations2200, 1100--
Information Technologies in Gas Turbine Manufacturing2200, 1100--
Packaging Machines Design2200, 1100--
Computer Engineering2200, 1100-1100
Robotic-Mechanics Systems and Complexes2200, 1100--
Logistic Systems Engineering2200, 1100--
Unaided Navigation & Adaptive Control Systems2200, 1100--
Intelligent Transport Systems2200, 1100--
Computer-integrated Management in Power Engineering2200, 1100--
Intelligent Systems and Technologies2200, 1100--
Computation of Information Processing2200, 1100--
Distributed Information Systems2200, 1100--
Intelligent Information Measuring Systems2200, 1100--
Testing and Production Quality Metrology Support2200, 1100-1100
Quality, Standardization and Certification2200, 1100--
Computational Intelligence2200, 1100--
Mathematical and Computer Simulation2200, 1100--
Computer Systems of Technical Imaging2200, 1100--
Mobile Application Engineering2200, 1100--
Computer-integrated Technological Processes and Manufacturing2200, 1100--
Rocket Engines and Power Units2200, 1100--
Rocket and Space Complexes2200, 1100--
Unmanned Aircraft2200, 1100--
Satellites, Engines and Power Units2200, 1100--
Design and Manufacturing of Composite Constructions2200, 1100--
System Analysis and Management2200, 1100--
Mechanics and Strength of Composite Structures2200, 1100--
Geoinformation Systems and Technologies2200, 1100--
Space Monitoring of Earth2200, 1100--
Unconventional and Renewable Power Sources2200, 1100--
Energy Management and Energy Saving2200, 1100--
Nuclear Power Units2200, 1100--
Missile Munitions and Barrelled Weapon2200, 1100--
Information and Communication Systems Security2200, 1100--
Computer Systems and Networks2200, 1100--
System Programming2200, 1100--
Programmed Portable Systems and Internet2200, 1100--
Radioelectronic Smart Tools2200, 1100--
Radioelectronic Devices, Systems and Complexes2200, 1100--
Informational Communication Networks2200, 1100--
Technologies and Means of Telecommunication2200, 1100--
Biomedical Informatics and Radioelectronics2200, 1100--
Public Management and Administration2200, 1100--
Management2200, 1100-1100
Foreign Economic Activities Management2200, 1100--
Project Management2200, 1100--
International Economics2200, 1100--
International Business2200, 1100--
Economics of Enterprise2200, 1100-1100
Marketing2200, 1100-1100
Finances and Credit2200, 1100-1100
Accounting and Audit2200, 1100-1100
Software Engineering2200, 1100--
Applied Linguistics2200, 1100--
Counseling and Mental therapy2200, 1100--
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How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill out the application form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach documents

After presenting the documents, on the specified e-mail you will receive a login and password for entering the Student's Private Account

In your Personal Account our consultants will answer all your questions and check the documents

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for the Study Visa processing

After receiving the visa, we will meet you at the airport, help with registration in the university and with check-in into the hostel.

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