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Cyprus International University

  Cyprus International University has an established cooperation with various British universities, so graduates can receive two diplomas at once.

  Education at the Cyprus International University annually selects more than 19.000 students from different countries, which indicates the wide recognition of this institution in the international community. Only a few minutes’ drive from the capital of Northern Cyprus, more than twenty years ago, the Cyprus International University was founded, which today is considered one of the most advanced and innovative universities in Northern Cyprus and all over the world.

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Fill in the Application Form and attach your documents. If eligible, prospective students receive a Conditional Acceptance Letter (CAL).

The initial deposit payment of € 1500 (except Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry), as stated on the CAL, must be transferred to the Cyprus International University bank account through your local bank.

After the deposit payment is made, prospective students receive their Unconditional Acceptance Letter.

The requirements for obtaining a student (transit) visa for North Cyprus TR depend on your country of origin. For more information log in to your account.

Then Prospective students book their flights to Ercan Airport, North Cyprus and inform us of their flight details in order to organize their transportation to the CIU campus.

New Limited Package Fees 2020/2021 (all undergraduate programs, exept medical fields):
Tuition fee + Accomodation 3433 euro/year
Tuition fee + Accomodation + 1 meal per day 3789 euro/year

New Tuition Fees 2020/2021 (without accommodation, meal):
- Undergraduate programs 2551 euro/year
- Pharmacy 3351 euro/year
- Dentistry 8587 euro/year
- Medicine 10435 euro/year
Faculties in English:
International law
Biomedical Engineering
Information technologies
Management of Information Systems
Computer Technology and Programming
Software Engineering
Tourism and Hotel Management
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
Graphic design
Interior design
International relations
EU relations
Business administration
Accounting and finance
Molecular biology and genetics
Psychology Communication
Teaching English
Building Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electric and Electronic engineering
Energy systems
Engineering protection of the environment
Industrial engineering
Information systems
Oil and gas
Social work

How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill in the Application Form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach your documents;

STEP 2. After Applying the documents, on the specified e-mail you will receive a login and password for access to Your Personal Account;

STEP 3. In Your Personal Account, our consultants will answer to all your questions and check your documents;

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for Study Visa;

STEP 5. After getting the visa, we will arrange an airport pick up and complete your university admission.

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Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University is located in eastern Greece and southern Turkey, Cyprus is one of the richest destinations in both history and nature. Little known for being a destination for higher education, Cyprus does not lack assets. The diplomas awarded by universities are recognized throughout the European Union and are mostly taught in English.

Its geographical location at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Africa allows it to create important commercial links. Greek and Turkish are the main languages spoken by Cypriots, but English is also widely spoken. Since 1974, the northern part of Cyprus has been under Turkish control and is called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where the island's flagship higher education institution (Anglophone)  This University has been established in 1997, the International University of Cyprus is a private education institution located on the outskirts of the large town of Nicosia in Northern Cyprus

Recognized by the Higher Commission for Planning, Education and Evaluation (Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordinating Council, Northern Cyprus). The International University of Cyprus (CIU) has a large enrollment rate (10,000-14,999 students).
Courses and programs are officially recognized such as undergraduate degree (diplomas, associate or degree), bachelors, masters, doctorate in many areas of study Such rapid popularity and growth became possible due to the university's focus on the quality of the proposed higher education, on helping in the employment of graduates and on gaining practical experience due to the multitude of scientific studies and experiments. Higher education at the Cyprus International University is the embodiment of all that a student needs for a comfortable and productive study, and obtaining the desired specialization.

This 21-year-old institution of higher learning has a selective admission policy based on previous entrance examinations, records and academic degrees for students. The acceptance rate range is 60-70% making this Cyprus educational institution a somewhat selective institution. Is also located in the city of Lefkosa, but a little further south of the city. It gives access to 6 faculties divided into 20 departments. The annual pension may be higher than in some other local universities, but the quality of the education provided is worth the cost.

The University offers the same services as all Universities in Cyprus: courses, faculties, transportation service for students and others. It would be ideal before you decide to take a look at the website of each of its universities and get started later. You will not be disappointed to study in Northern Cyprus because during the summer you will have the opportunity to visit the beaches and enjoy the pleasant sun of Northern Cyprus. To be a part of this University means that you will have such an exciting social life. During your study period you will have the chance to make new different friends from around the world. Living in an island will make you feel more comfortable especially if you are that kind of peoples who prefer to live in calm.

You will meet more people not only student but also people from different nationality come and start living there because of the way of living in this area and more of them are England. Studying abroad in Cyprus international University offers a student the opportunity to explore a historically rich region of the world. It is also one of the most beautiful in terms of climate and landscape. Cyprus, a country located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea is the third largest populated island in this area. He is a member of the European Union, making travel and financing easy to manage. Located just east of Greece and southern Turkey, visitors to this region are often amazed by the mix of modern comfort and historical charm. Yet when it comes to higher education, the possibilities here can be even more impressive.

Living in North Cyprus

Imagine a place where summers are long and winter is short and pleasant. A country that traces the history of ancient civilizations, while being full of modern attractions. Imagine a country with vast expanses of unspoiled nature and deserted beaches, a place where politeness, hospitality and respect for elders are essential values, a country with a very low crime rate. Northern Cyprus is a small and remarkable state emerging from long decades of political isolation and is attracting a growing number of Europeans and Scandinavians in search of an authentic Mediterranean, similar to "what it was".
In Cyprus, you can walk in the ruins of Salamis and imagine that you are a Roman going to the market, and while standing on the Venetian walls of Famagusta, imagine yourself in the shoes of Othello on the eve of the battle Naval against the Turkish fleet, dinner under the illuminated walls of the Abbey of Bellapais, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, taking advantage of the gardens created by the monks 900 years ago. In Kyrenia Castle you will find the world's oldest wreck, a small commercial vessel carrying wine and olives that sank outside the harbor around 300 BC.

Today, the old warehouses of the port of Caroube have become small fashionable bars and fish restaurants where you can go out and discover the charm of the local nightlife! Elsewhere, you can dine in the more refined style of five-star hotels and international restaurants, or simply enjoy village taverns serving excellent local cuisine. If you like sports activities: diving, fishing, cycling, mountain walking, paragliding, are widely practiced in Cyprus. There is a world-renowned 18-hole golf course, a leisure center with bowling alley and many state-of-the-art gyms. If you still have some energy after that, you can enjoy night clubs or outdoor dancing, or take a ride to the casino...

Road infrastructure is constantly improving: new highways have recently opened, connecting the east and west coasts and making it easier to access the far-flung Karpas Peninsula, a region with a remarkable landscape of wild donkeys, turtle beaches, rare birds and important flora. On the road, you will see the marina Karpaz Gate, an ambitious multi-million Euro project that will offer a new mooring point for yachts and yachtsmen from all over the world.

Another recent event in the country's modernization movement is the opening of the "Near East" University Hospital, which is poised to become a regional leader in the treatment of heart disease and cancer. The Near East Hospital is one of many academic centers in Northern Cyprus, which attracts students from Europe, Africa and the Far East. Concerning education: in North Cyprus, public schools are free and courses are given in Turkish. There are several private specialized schools, including the prestigious English School of Kyrenia (ESK).

Living in Northern Cyprus will be a unique experience for you; you will enjoy an exceptional lifestyle just a few hours flight from major European cities, Paris, Lyon, and Brussels. Spending holidays is a good way to evaluate the place. You will take the opportunity to visit some properties offered for sale or lease, and you get an idea of the quality of services offered by Cyprus real estate.
For the climate living in Cyprus can be an excellent opportunity to discover a beautiful climate. The country enjoys a subtropical climate that is a little arid. Winters are mild, especially near the coast. Summers can be very hot, although temperatures tend to be more moderate together and range from 75 degrees F on average to about 57 degrees F. The hottest can reach 95 degrees F during the summer months. Nevertheless, the climate remains mostly moderate throughout the year.Such rapid popularity and growth became possible due to the university's focus on the quality of the proposed higher education, on helping in the employment of graduates and on gaining practical experience due to the multitude of scientific studies and experiments.Higher education at the Cyprus International University is the embodiment of all that a student needs for a comfortable and productive study, and obtaining the desired specialization.

As a society Cypress is often a jewel of the Mediterranean because of its rich history and many people cherish this. You will find beautiful architecture and old buildings that are often symbolic of the way people lived here millennia ago. However, the country is economically stable and a vibrant part of the European Union. It has one of the most modern seaside resorts in the region and many cities are very westernized in terms of facilities and life in general. With 300 days of sunshine and over 2.5 million tourists, it can also be a busy lifestyle with a strong nightlife.

Summer School

Every summer there are summer school in Cyprus are opened where you can pass two weeks learning English. This organization is not only for Students but different people with different ages can join it to learn. During your resident period you will be able to do more activities like enjoying with your partners the beach beauty with swimming and playing and more other. Also enjoying the island beauty and discover new culture.
Cyprus is considered as one of the best direction for tourist where you will have the chance to meet more people from different countries and make new friends, it will be such a unique experience.

The cost of the summer school for 2 weeks is 550 Euro
This price include: your resident place which is a good comfortable room, 3 times meals, pick up and transfers, Free Gym, Free pool, 50 hours general English or IELTS English with final exam to take certificate which is an recognized certificate in the whole world you can use it.

Tuition Fees in Cyprus International University

Like any other university the tuition Fees are different from specialty to another. The most popular specialty is Pharmacy, there is such a good training in this university where Student will be trained 100% in professional way. The cost of this annual tuition fee is 8198 euro include the medical insurance if you will have scholarship than it will be 4099 euro. For all other faculty its 6198 euro for a year includes the medical insurance, with scholarship will be 3099 euro. If you will choose tuition fee with dormitory, Pharmacy will cost 7464 euro if the room for 3 people, if for 4 people its 6455 euro and 5995 euro for 6 people. There is also another offer, this offer includes tuition fees, Dormitory, 3 times meal in a day, medical insurance and free bus.
For Pharmacy with a Standard room - 4 people (Separate bathroom) it cost 7808 euro. If any other specialty its 5808 euro for a year.
If a Standard room - 2 people (Adjacent bathroom) for Pharmacy student will cost 8386 euro, if for other faculties 6386 euro a year.
2 bed standard room (Separate bathroom) for Pharmacy students its 5896 euro, for other faculties 6596 euro.
2 bed room of improved type (Separate bathroom) for Pharmacy students its 9142 euro, for other faculties 7142 euro for a year.
1 bed room of improved type (Separate bathroom) for Pharmacy students its 10289 euro but 8289 euro for other faculties for a year.

Faculties in Cyprus International University

There are more and different Departments in this University, this is the main reason why more students apply here. Because of the high system of education either every year the number of foreign is getting increase. Education is available in two languages, English and Turkish.
To study in English the departments available are Pharmacy, International law, Architecture, Graphic design, Interior design, International relations, EU relations, Business administration, Accounting and finance, Molecular biology and genetics, Psychology Communication, Teaching English, Bioengineering  Building Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electric and Electronic engineering, Energy systems,
Engineering protection of the environment, Industrial engineering, Information systems, Mechanics, Oil and gas, Nursing, Social work, Information technologies  Management of Information Systems, Computer Technology and Programming, Tourism and Hotel Management and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. The same department you can find in the Turkish language.

Pharmacy in Cyprus International University

Students looking to gain additional knowledge in their field of study will surely be very interested in a master's degree. This training gives them the necessary information to qualify for positions of responsibility.
What is a master's degree in pharmacy? Studying pharmacy, one of the oldest areas of science, allows you to study the use and composition of drugs and their effects on the human body. You will also study human biology, physiology, the safety of medicine, human resources and hospital management. Many programs focus more specifically on one aspect of a field and open the door to more intensive studies and research.
Students embarking on a master's degree in pharmacy often do so to improve their career goals. The additional training provided by this program provides candidates with a multitude of new opportunities in the world of medicine.
Once graduated, many careers become available. Hospitals and medical practices are always looking for graduates who have a solid foundation in the pharmaceutical industry and often offer high salaries and attractive additional benefits. Possible careers in this area include human resources in hospitals, analysis etc. while focusing on chemistry and pharmaceuticals.

These programs are available all over the world. Each country has its own entry requirements and mandatory courses to follow. It is important to do additional research depending on the country where the university is located and Cyprus international university is one of the best universities to study this specialty.

Tourism in Cyprus international University

Tourism programs enable students to learn how to organize trips and excursions and provide them with the communication skills necessary to succeed in this field. They are also trained in the operation of this industry and the marketing strategies put in place. From second year the students will start their stage in hotels of the island and will be able to work too and gain money of that. The subjects of study involve the exploration of different types of tourism, tourism sociology, finance, marketing and cultural competence.Cyprus is in the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is known for being the cradle of Aphrodite (Venus), the Greek goddess of love. For this specialty Cyprus is the best area to get your training because of the touristic place student will increase his skills if he will find the right place to practice this training.

Economics in Cyprus International University

This university implementing an educational model involving modern pedagogical methods and techniques as well as practices necessary for professional knowledge and skills, we educate well-disciplined individuals who have effective external communication skills, high sense of responsibility and focus of internal control. With scientific research of global standards, the international University of Cyprus makes valuable contributions to the public good as a research and development center. In this context, the "Education in Production" program provides students with the opportunity to have practical work experience with the intention of educating the leading human resources who are proficient in applications, environmentally and socially conscious and that are in themselves a constant innovation process. During the period of Education student will learn all the skills of communication which is the main thing he need to learn.

How to apply to Cyprus international University

To register at the University of Cyprus, as in many European countries, a compulsory entrance exam is required. The number of places is extremely limited (about 10%), places are reserved primarily for Cypriot citizens as well as students who have a Cypriot parent.
But for foreign students they can apply with FD Education Company that has a direct contract with Chypre international University.
Student need to send their documents to to be checked. After checking you will get invitation letter from university then you need to pay for your tuition fee from your country, like that university will send you acceptance letter of admission.

How to apply for North Cyprus Visa

If your country is a visa country with turkey than you have to get transit visa from turkey, for that you need to go to the embassy of turkey in your country with a passport and acceptance letter to get it. But if your country is a non-visa country you need just to pay for your tuition fee from your country and get acceptance letter and come to Cyprus and that acceptance letter is your guaranty and to join your faculty and start your education with no problem.

Scholarship in Cyprus international University

"Scholarship" is one of the forms of scientific support that allows students to pursue their achievement and increase their scientific level with financial support (to cover tuition and living expenses) and in different countries and universities from around the world.
This is a financial aid paid to students comes in different conditions. There are many types of scholarships, most of which are for international students (students who do not hold the state / university scholarship). Other forms of grants are for a special segment, including:
 1. Grants according to needs: These grants are based on the student's financial background. Students are selected according to financial criteria such as living standards, student income, and cost of living to help low-income students achieve their academic dreams.
 2 - Granting Merit: This is the type that is always accepted among students. It is not only limited to the academic level, but also to the different students and talents. However, preference is always given to the student who proven its worth in the scholarship and its cost is either full or partial, For a woman or for a particular country.
 3 - Grants to educational institutions: a kind of financial assistance to students, offering individual scholarships linked to specific programs, grant for engineering or nursing grant. Or a grant to a group of individuals as specific sports teams, coming directly from the educational institution or from the donor with whom the institution cooperates.
 4 - Granting athletes: This type of less active, these grants to sports teams in universities with a full grant and have strict selection criteria according to sports standards.
 In addition to Teaching Assistants, this grant requires you to teach or to assist in teaching in exchange for the grant.
5-Research Assistance: This grant obligates you to conduct research related to a particular project funded by a private or government agency in exchange for your grant.
Cyprus international University give 50% scholarship for all foreign Students and you can either apply to scholarship if you have good marks in some exams or you have certificate in sport or other things, all those can facilitate getting scholarship.

For that you need to apply with FD Education  in the official web site will help you to submit an application, you must complete and send, by email, a form containing all the information necessary to study your file.

Official Agency:

FD Education has an official contract with Cyprus international University. To apply to this university you need to send your necessary document to


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