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University of Economics, Prague

  Diploma of the University of Economics in Prague opens the doors of almost all prestigious institutions and well-known companies.

  The University of Economics in Prague is the most famous Czech university of economics. On the basis of the Institute, there are six faculties that prepare students on the economic profile. Up to date, more than 18,000 people study at the University of Economics in Prague.

This institution from year to year is included in the top 100 economic universities of the world according to Financial Times. Graduates of this educational institution can easily find a dream job, as the world's recognition of the institute speaks for itself.

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Free Education in Czech language! Apply for Preparatory Faculty (Czech language).

Admission of foreign students 2 times a year:
- The annual language course of the Czech language at the State University in Prague: The beginnings of classes on September 15
- Semi-annual language course of the Czech language at the State University in Prague: Beginning of classes on January 15

Documents must be submitted 2-3 months before the start of studies.

List of documents for obtaining an invitation from the University:
- International passport
- Certificate of education (certificate, diploma, etc.)

Preparatory Faculty (Czech language) 4700 EURO:

- Tuition Fee
- Invitation Letter for Study Visa
- DHL Sevices
- Airport reception
- Admission
- Migration card issues
- and etc.


Accounting and financial management of the enterprise
Taxation and tax policy
Banking and insurance
Tourism and regional development
International trade
International relations - diplomacy
Entrepreneurship and law
Political science
Enterprise economics and management
Management in culture
Computer science
Multimedia In the economy
Information systems in the enterprise
Faculty of the national economy
Faculty of management in  Hradec

How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill in the Application Form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach your documents;

STEP 2. After Applying the documents, on the specified e-mail you will receive a login and password for access to Your Personal Account;

STEP 3. In Your Personal Account, our consultants will answer to all your questions and check your documents;

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for Study Visa;

STEP 5. After getting the visa, we will arrange an airport pick up and complete your university admission.

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University of Economics, Prague

If you are interested in how to become a student of the University of Economics in Prague, then be prepared for the fact that upon admission you must pass entrance exams. Residents of foreign countries, first of all, take an exam in the Czech language, which is an admission to participate in the university admissions process. Having confirmed the knowledge of the Czech language, applicants must pass two exams, regardless of the chosen faculty, and this is mathematics and another foreign language, different from the native language of the future student. The only exception is the Faculty of International Relations, entering which it is necessary to pass two additional foreign languages. Upon admission, the applicant must pay the compensation of exam costs in the amount of 500 CZK.

The learning process is characterized by saturation and a combination of theoretical knowledge and professional internship. The peculiarity is that students independently make their own schedule, rationally distributing the academic load. Studying at the University of Economics in Prague is a guarantee of your successful future!

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