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Czech R.

Official name: Czech Republic
Independence Day: January 1, 1993 (from Czechoslovakia)
Capital: Prague
Official language: Czech
Area: 78,866 km²
Population: 10 538 275 people
Density: 133 people / km²
Neighboring countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia
Currency: Czech koruna, CZK
Phone code: (+420)
Internet domains: .cz

  Every year the number of people wishing to obtain higher education in Czech universities is growing rapidly, and there are many strong reasons for this.

  The Czech Republic is a country of central Europe, and have a centuries-old history and rich cultural heritage. Of course, such an atmosphere is reflected both in living and studying in the Czech Republic.In higher educational institutions of the Czech Republic, students can receive Bachelor's and Master's degrees or higher doctorate. Study on the Bachelor's degree program lasts from three to four years. The duration of the Master's degree program takes from one to three years. The higher doctorate program is only possible for students who have received a master's degree.

  Among the main advantages of Czech higher education, we want to outline:

•  Low prices for higher education. The obtaining of university degree in the Czech Republic is free, but in order to jump in this opportunity, one must fulfil several conditions. You must be under the age of 26, be able to study in the Czech language, and you need to enter a state higher institution. Of course, there is an opportunity to study in English, but then the study will take place on a fee basis.
•  High-grade education. The higher education in Czech universities is on a par with the British universities. Diplomas of Czech universities are recognized throughout the world.
•  Close mentality. Since the Czech Republic is situated in the heart of Europe, the mentality of the local population is very loyal and tolerant towards foreigners. That's why foreign students will easily adapt in such an environment.

  If you are interested in studying in the Czech Republic, the prices for which are free even for foreigners, then our site will help you understand all the nuances and features of this process.


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