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The Czech Technical University in Prague

  Czech Technical University in Prague is rightfully considered the best technical university in the whole country.

  His history dates back more than three hundred years, and his foundation is due to the Czech Emperor Joseph I who created the first state technical university in Europe.

For today in this educational institution more than twenty thousand students are trained in seven faculties. Also, the Czech Technical University provides students with the opportunity to participate in various research projects, and close cooperation with many international companies allows students to practice with further employment.

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Free Education in Czech language! Apply for Preparatory Faculty (Czech language).

Admission of foreign students 2 times a year:
- The annual language course of the Czech language at the State University in Prague: The beginnings of classes on September 15
- Semi-annual language course of the Czech language at the State University in Prague: Beginning of classes on January 15

Documents must be submitted 2-3 months before the start of studies.

List of documents for obtaining an invitation from the University:
- International passport
- Certificate of education (certificate, diploma, etc.)

Preparatory Faculty (Czech language) 4700 EURO:

- Tuition Fee
- Invitation Letter for Study Visa
- DHL Sevices
- Airport reception
- Admission
- Migration card issues
- and etc.


Civil Engineering
Architecture and Construction
Geodesy and Cartography
Mechanical Engineering
Theoretical Foundations of Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing and Economics in Mechanical Engineering
Electronics, Power Engineering and Management
Communication, Multimedia and Electronics
Cybernetics and Robotics
Open Computer Science
Software Development and Management
Open electronic systems
Mathematical engineering
Mathematical informatics
Informational physics
Software engineering
Applied computer science
Nuclear Engineering
Dosimetry of ionizing radiations
Experimental nuclear physics and elementary particle physics
Radiological technique
Materials diagnostics
Physics and technology of controlled thermonuclear fusion
Physical electronics
Laser and measuring technique
Physical engineering
Nuclear engineering
Architecture and town planning
Design (industrial Design)
Automation and informatics
Transport systems and engineering
Intelligent transport systems
Air transportation
Management and economy in transport and Telecommunications
Professional pilot
Maintenance and repair of aviation equipment
Biomedical and clinical equipment
Specialization in medicine
Population protection
Theoretical informatics
Computer engineering
Software development
Information technology
Web and multimedia
Information systems and management

How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill in the Application Form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach your documents;

STEP 2. After Applying the documents, on the specified e-mail you will receive a login and password for access to Your Personal Account;

STEP 3. In Your Personal Account, our consultants will answer to all your questions and check your documents;

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for Study Visa;

STEP 5. After getting the visa, we will arrange an airport pick up and complete your university admission.

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Czech Technical University

To be admited in the Czech Technical University, foreign students must successfully pass the entrance exams in core subjects. It should be noted that foreigners have the right to receive free higher education in the Czech language. For this, students must provide to the selection committee a certificate confirming the language proficiency, or pass the exam directly within the walls of the university.  Education in English at the university paid, and ranges from three thousand dollars per semester.

The Czech Technical University in Prague also allows students to spend a year in one of the famous European or American universities. Applications for admission are accepted until March 31, but each faculty determines its own application submission date, so if you want to enter the Czech Technical University, we recommend you to follow the dates on the university's official website.Entering the Czech Technical University, you will have a successful future in any field, since modern life is already impossible without a technical component. So the choice is yours!

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