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The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

   Education at the Czech University of Life Sciences also gives students the opportunity to obtain another diploma from a partner university in England, Holland or France.

   If you want to devote your professional future to the agricultural sector, then we recommend you pay attention to the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. Its history began more than a century ago, and initially the university was a part of the Czech Technical University.

  The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague became an independent structure only in 1952, and to this day it continues to develop rapidly, offering students more than 150 programs for different degrees: bachelor's, master's and higher doctorate.

  The university consists of six faculties and two separate institutes. In addition to the traditional specialties of the agricultural sector, training at the Czech University of Life Sciences is possible in the field of environmental protection, economics and informatics.

  Today, the number of students enrolled in this university exceeded nineteen thousand people.

   The university has a very developed infrastructure, on its territory there are many new buildings, a campus, libraries, dining rooms, laboratories, rest rooms, and even a private park and a greenhouse.

   The education in the Czech language is free, and admission to the university is based on the result of entrance examinations. It should be noted that at the Faculty of Economics the admission of students is carried out immediately, and examinations are taken only after the first year of study.

   The exchange programs are used by every fifth student of the Czech University of Life Sciences, which testifies very close cooperation of the university with other educational structures around the world.

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  Admission Support:
- (+372) 57 50 8000 WhatsApp
- VIBER Public Account: fdeducation
- Online Chat

  Admission of foreign students 2 times a year:
- The annual language course of the Czech language at the State University in Prague: The beginnings of classes on September 15
- Semi-annual language course of the Czech language at the State University in Prague: Beginning of classes on January 15

Documents must be submitted 2-3 months before the start of studies.

  List of documents for obtaining an invitation from the University:
- International passport
- Certificate of education (certificate, diploma, etc.)
  Cost of Foundation (czech language) is 4700 EURO, Semi-annual Foundation (czech language) is 3500 EURO.  

Services that we offer:
* Documents assistance: help with filling in a long-term visa application form to the Czech Republic (2018/2019 academic year) for the embassy. 
* We provide all necessary documents;
 - Provide medical insurance for a period of study. (Insurance is not included in the program price);
* Meeting in Prague (airport, bus and railway stations) and transfer to the place of stay;
* Providing students with Czech SIM card;
* Accommodation in the Czech Republic:
 - The monthly fee is 220 euro;
 - The residence place is fixed with the student during the whole course.
* Registration in foreign police for international students within the first 3 days;
* Orientation program in the Czech Republic:
* Introduction sightseeing tour around Prague with the our supervisors and providing with the main information about the city;
* Providing student with a transport ticket for 2 months.
* Organization of cultural program:
* Orientation evening;
* Tour around Prague;
* Visiting a museum or an exhibition;
* Boat trip along Vltava river;
* Sports Days (paintball, football);
* Trip to Karlovy Vary;
* Trip to Aquapark;
* Visiting an evening musical event;
* Farewell dinner
* Help with nostrification (recognition) of secondary and higher education documents.
* Consultation about the chosen schools in the Czech Republic:
* Providing help with filling in the application form;
* Assistance with the study process.

During the period of study, assistance and consultations are free, including the questions about accommodation, work and visa regulation.

Economic policy and management
Business and management
System engineering
Computer science
Economics and management
Crop production
Animal husbandry
Equine farming
Special breeding of animals
Rehabilitation and rendering of medical care to animals
Fish farming and aquarium
Beautification of garden territories
Lawn device
Organic agriculture
State management in agriculture
Animal breeding
Plant growing
Plant treatment
Rural development
Production And decorative gardening
Product quality
Rational use of natural resources
Agricultural equipment
Transport systems
Technique and technology of waste processing
Technological equipment of knowledge
Entrepreneurship in the market of technology
Information and control technology in the agrifood complex
Agriculture in the Tropics and Subtropics
Faculty of Environmental Protection
Faculty of Forestry and the Timber Industry

How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill in the Application Form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach your documents;

STEP 2. After Applying the documents, on the specified e-mail you will receive a login and password for access to Your Personal Account;

STEP 3. In Your Personal Account, our consultants will answer to all your questions and check your documents;

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for Study Visa;

STEP 5. After getting the visa, we will arrange an airport pick up and complete your university admission.

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