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Near East University

  The university is a member of various international associations, having received worldwide recognition in the field of higher education.

  Thirty years ago, the Near East University was founded in Nicosia. Today, this university is one of the largest and most prestigious educational institutions in Northern Cyprus, which annually hosts many students from other countries. To date, more than twenty thousand students from seventy countries are studying in the University. The structure of the Near East University includes sixteen faculties and almost ninety different departments.  Here foreigners can be trained on bachelor, master and postgraduate programs.
  The main advantage of this institution is the fact that it is the only university in this region where students can learn to be doctors. The price of study for foreigners in the Near East University is very acceptable, and the entire training process is carried in English and Turkish. For admission, the entrant must provide a package of documents that must include a document on the receipt of full secondary education. A university admissions process is held twice a year, so all applicants receive a double chance to enroll in this dream institute.
  The infrastructure of the Near East University is aimed at providing the most comfortable stay for students, therefore on the territory of the university there are new campuses, sports clubs, as well as the famous Olympic pool. With the support of the University, festivals and concerts are annually held here, with participation of stars of national and world scale. Studying in the Near East University is an embodiment of unforgettable student years and a brilliant professional future!

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  For getting an Invitation, send your documents to the email address:

  To apply to Near East University, fill in the Application Form below, or contact us at: +905386883017 (WhatsApp)

  The list of documents for Invitation Letter:

- International passport
- Certificate, Diploma or other educational document
- Application Form

  Main admissions: 01.03 - 10.09
  Spring admissions: 15.11 - 15.02

Tution Fees for international students (in EURO):

* Economic Package are included Annual Tuion Fee, Three Meals a Day, Dormitory.

DepartmentAnnual Tution FeeScholarship Economic Package
Architecture (en)560028004800
Interior Design (en)560028004800
Landscape Architecture (en)560028004800
Tourism and Hotel Management (en)560028004800
Petroleum and Natural Gas
Engineering (en)
Medicine (en)12600-14800
Dentistry (en)11600-13800
Dentistry (tr)9400-10600
Pharmacy (en)860043006500
Veterinary Medicine (en)860068009000
Law (en)560028004800
Translation and Interpretation (en)560028004800
Civil Engineering (en)560028004800
Computer Engineering (en)560028004800
Information Systems Engineering (en)560028004800
Automotive Engineering (en)560028004800
Software Engineering (en)560028004800
Mechatronics Engineering (en)560028004800
Mechanical Engineering (en)560028004800
Food Engineering (en)560028004800
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (en)560028004800
Biomedical Engineering (en)560028004800
Bio- Engineering (en)560028004800
Materials Sciences and Nanotechnology Engineering (en)560028004800
Management Information Systems (en)560028004800
Human Resources Management (en)560028004800
Information and Record Management (en)560028004800
Economics (en)560028004800
European Union Relations (en)560028004800
Computer Information Systems (en)560028004800
Banking and Accounting (en)560028004800
Business Administration (en)560028004800
International Relations (en)560028004800
International Business (en)560028004800
Marketing (en)560028004800
Banking and Finance (en)560028004800
Knowledge Management (tr)560028004800
Film-Making and Broadcasting (en)560028004800
Visual Communication and Design (en)560028004800
Radio, Tv and Cinema (tr)560028004800
Public Relations and Advertising (en)560028004800
Journalism (en)560028004800
Nutrition and Dietetics (tr)560028004800
Nursing (en)560028004800
Gastronomy (en)560028004800
Audiology (en)560028004800
Health Facilities Management (tr)5600-7600
Physiotherapy and Rehabilition (en)560028004800
Social Work (en)560028004800
Political Science (en)560028004800
Molecular Biology and Genetics (en)560028004800
Psychology (en)560028004800
Turkish Language and Literature (tr)560028004800
English Language and Literature (en)560028004800
Mathematics (en)560028004800
English Language Teaching (en)560028004800
Geography Teaching (tr)560028004800
History Teaching (tr)560028004800
Mathematics Teaching for Elementary Schools (tr)560028004800
Music Teaching (tr)560028004800
Philosophy Teaching (tr)560028004800
Pre-School Teaching (tr)560028004800
Classroom Teaching (tr)560028004800
Art Teaching (tr)560028004800
Graphic Design (tr)560028004800
Plastic Arts (tr)560028004800
Drama Writing (tr)560028004800
Acting (tr)560028004800
Sports Management (tr)560028004800
Sports Trainer Education (tr)560028004800
Recreation (tr)560028004800
Physical Education and Sports Teaching (tr)560028004800

Master Programs:
• Registration Gratis
• Admission Gratis
• International Students pay € 350/course + 5% VAT. (with 25% scholarship)
• € 200 Social Activity (per annum)
• € 50 Health Insurance (per annum)
• Pre-Scientific Research Courses and/or Project Courses are also € 350/course + 5% VAT (if applicable)
• Bench Fee is €450 + 5% VAT
• The Cost of a Master’s Thesis is €900 + 5% VAT
• Completion for a Master’s Thesis is 1 Year. Any student who prolongs this duration is required to pay a course fee of €450 + 5% VAT + € 100 Social Activity + € 50 Health Insurance for every semester.
• Spouses of students are entitled to obtain 10% discount.

How to apply?

STEP 1. Fill in the Application Form, indicating the desired degree / form / language of studying, faculty and attach your documents;

STEP 2. After Applying the documents, on the specified e-mail you will receive a login and password for access to Your Personal Account;

STEP 3. In Your Personal Account, our consultants will answer to all your questions and check your documents;

STEP 4. After submission, you will receive an official invitation from the University for Study Visa;

STEP 5. After getting the visa, we will arrange an airport pick up and complete your university admission.

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